Maintenance & Patch Notes: May 19, 2021

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    Greetings Fighters!

    This week's server maintenance will be postponed by one day. Starting on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 @ 18:00 PDT, servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 1-3 hours. A notice will be made regarding a time extension if maintenance lasts longer than the allotted time.

    • Routine server checks

    We'll update this post when the maintenance is complete, and servers are available. Additional Patch Notes including improvements and new features will be added after the maintenance.

    Thank you for your patience during the maintenance.


    Server Maintenance concluded at 19:20 PDT.


    Patch Notes for May 19th, 2021
    The following patch notes contain information about the update.

    Shop Changes
    Ending Sales:

    • Neo Alchemist Box/Package
    • Phantom Walker Box/Package
    • Inferno Chest/Package
    • Whispering Wings Box/Package
    • Mystery Box Green/Package
    • Mystery Box Blue/Package
    • Mystery Box Red/Package
    • Skull Shadow Chest/Package
    • Blood Dragon Syndicate Box/Package
    • Dark Phoenix Chest Re/Package
    • Legendary Slayer (M/F) Box/Package
    • Seal of Zodiac - Capricornus/Package
    • Seal of Zodiac - Gemini/Package
    • Seal of Zodiac - Cancer/Package
    • Metatron White Tiger Box/Package
    • Metatron Black Tortoise Box/Package
    • Metatron Vermilion Phoenix Box/Package
    • Metatron Blue Dragon Box/Package
    • Seal Removal Scroll Box
    • Shadow Fox Corps Box/10 Pack
    New Sales:
    • Christmas Box Package (5)/Christmas Box
    Continuing Sales:
    • Bajiquan RE Package
    • RedFox Detective Red(M/F) Package
    • RedFox Detective Gray(M/F) Package
    • RedFox Detective Blue(M/F) Package
    • Dark Vixen Set (M/F)
    • Crazy Chef Costume Package (M/F)
    • Blacktop Package
    • Glacier Cove Package
    • KOD Set
    • Elite Soldier Package
    • Stylish Boxer Black Set
    • Hyper Scroll Box (1 day)
    • Hyper ExoCore Box (1 day)
    • Muscle Hero Package
    • All Season Hero Package
    Event & System

    • Ending Events:
      • Boss Mode: White Tiger Isle
    • New Events:
      • Boss Mode: Jack's Shack
    • Continuing Events:
      • Daily Login Event - Receive the newly released "Linked Scroll Gungki-Dowul [3 Day]" upon logging in the first time after maintenance. Receive 1 "Proof of Passion" each day after.
      • 1 Hour Playtime Event - Complete 1 hour of play every day to receive the new "Linked Scroll Gungki-Dowul [3 Day]" on the third day. "Proof of Passion" will be given on all other days.(Limit 1 per day).
        • The 3rd time you have completed your 1 hour playtime, receive the new "Linked Scroll Gungki-Dowul [3 Day]"
      • Boss Mode: Harlem Defense War
    • New Scroll! Linked Scroll Gungki-Dowul
    • Enchantment success rate increased by 25%
      • Ends 6/1/2021
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    Hey there Fighters! Maintenance will conclude at 7:20 PM PDT. Thank you all for your patience!
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