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    Time to work out and get a sweat going with Workout Wednesdays!

    Workout Wednesday is back for 2021. Hope you have your New Years Resolutions set to work out those Rumble Fighter muscles. Starting this Wednesday, participate in a weekly work out regiment to train your mind, body, and soul. Tasks will be listed out and updated every two weeks, so make sure to stay updated with each task is that week.

    Event Rules:
    • Participants must complete the entire task in order to receive the respective prizes
    • Event will only count during the event period (00:00 PDT - 23:59 PDT), unless stated otherwise.
    • Special rules pertaining to the tasks will be listed along with the Regiment of that week


    Prize Distribution
    • 1-3 business days
    Get pumped and sharpen your skills well, Fighters!
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