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    The winner is not always determined at the start of the battle. Come and fight to earn great prizes!

    Fisticuffs Prizes for August 7th, 2020:
    The Dancing Blademaster

    Please choose from one of the following prizes:
    • Capoeira RE (Scroll)
    • Blade Spirit (ExoCore)
    • Demon Samurai (ExoCore)
    • Red Chopsticks
    • Stocking Maid Top
    • Vampiress Skirt
    • Wedding Gloves
    • Black Jinglers
    • Refined Broach
    • 50,000 Carats Coupon
    • 3 Orichalcon
    Participation Prize: 1 Orichalcon

    Special Raffle For this Week: Orichalcon Coupon Package
    The raffle prize will be awarded to 10 players at random.
    Every participant in Fisticuffs will be entered in the raffle.
    This means, if you play with a [GM] during Fisticuffs, you're automatically entered to win this prize!​


    When does this happen?
    Every Friday from 4:00 PM PST to 5:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST)
    How do I participate?
    • If you are creating a room: make sure your room has the word "Fisticuffs" in the title.
    • If you are joining a room, make sure to join a room that the word "Fisticuffs" somewhere in the title.
    • GM/moderators will only join Regular Battle Mode.
    • Make sure to "first load" so that games are faster. The faster the game, the more players can participate.
    • Players that get disconnected once the match begins will still qualify for a participation prize, should they not have a chance to play in the event.
    • You may only win once per event.
    • Players that have already won in the game, must not interfere for the remainder of the match. This means that you must fall off the map, or remain in a corner away from other players. Failure to do so will forfeit your prize and disqualify you from that week's Fisticuffs.
      • A GM or Moderator will inform players to no disrupt the rest of the match in-game.
    • Room Master must choose between two modes before the match:
      • Defeat the GM - All seven players aim to receive the "Kill Credit" against the GM/Moderator. Fighters that win should not disrupt other players from their opportunity to defeat the GM/Moderator.
      • Round Winner** - Resurrection and revives are not allowed, RMs can determine if rare ExoCores are allowed or not, Total Round Winner will be applied (explained below) for potentially 4 winners.
    • The "No Rare ExoCores" rule means players cannot use the following ExoCores:
    • In special instances where the GM is not defeated, the GM will reward someone else in the room.
    • As indicated before, rooms must be Regular Battle Mode.
    • You may not give your reward to someone else.
    • Extreme vulgar language or harassment to a player or moderator will be met with disqualification and, possibly, an account ban.
    • Players reported for constantly taking the spot reserved for the GM will have their prize (winning and/or participation) taken away, and will potentially receive a temporary ban.
    • Abuse of resurrection in Round Winner will be disqualified.
    • Failing to comply with the GM/Moderator will be warned and disqualified after multiple warnings.
    • You can only request prizes that are listed for that day.
    • Changing your IGN before prizes are distributed will omit your prize. Please send a ticket if you change your IGN or if you did not receive the prize.
    • You may not change your prize after Fisticuffs has ended.
    • No hacking is allowed.

    **Total Round Winner applied to Round Winner mode only. If the First Place winner overall at the end of the game has not won one of the three rounds, he/she will also win a prize. This makes it so that their efforts during the match do not go unnoticed.


    • Using multiple accounts to win or play Fisticuffs.
    • Using multiple accounts to increase your chances in Fisticuffs in any specific room.
    • Winning more than once per Fisticuffs (1 win per account).
    • If you are caught with fraud, your prizes will be stripped from all of your accounts. Subsequent attempts will result in an increasing account ban for each attempt.
    Prize Distribution:
    Within 1-3 business days after the event.]

    As this thread will remain closed, please direct all comments and questions over to our Fisticuffs Discussion Thread.
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