Patch Notes Version 2.0.2 Client Update

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    The following patch notes contain information about the update.

    [UI/UX Modification & Effects Added]
    • The ability to fold and unfold the bottom tab of the 'Mini-map' UI in the World Map has been added.
    • An issue of the Alliance's <Alliance Join> button was incorrectly displayed as <Approval Required> upon viewing a user's Alliances Info in the chat window has been fixed.
    • When performing 'Treat' in Tavern, the guest card at the bottom has been modified to disappear according to the 'Treat' result.
    • A scroll bar in the chat UI is set to display and is maintaining the scroll position when scrolling.
    • The top tab of the chat UI is now updated to keep the chat logs, and only chats in the saved tab are displayed in the 'Chat Preview Window'.
    • An error where the scroll function did not work properly in the Alliance Join Request UI has been fixed.
    • The area of the ‘Specific Info’ view button for items sold in the Black Market has been expanded.
    • An issue that the Kingdom information UI is displayed abnormally has been corrected.

    [Bug Fixes]
    • The <Occupy> button that appears when selecting neutral bases on the World Map has been changed to display <Investigate>.
    • An issue in which the contents of 'Additional Stats' are not displayed normally when there are two or more 'Additional Stats in Artifacts/Gear' has been fixed.
    • An issue where Facebook login did not work properly in the iOS environment has been fixed.
    • An issue where the Hero Index incorrectly displayed the 'Class Info' and 'Growth Type' of heroes you do not currently own is fixed.
    • In the Hero Affinity Rank UI, an error where 'Affinity' was displayed as 0 when the Hero was not ranked has been fixed.
    • Support completion message from Alliances not displaying in Alliance Chat issue has been fixed.
    • An icon on top of the Kingdom's Alliance Center building is added to help all when Alliances request support.

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