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    Hello Lords,

    The Kingdom Hunter Team would like to apologize to our Lords for the delay in the Pre-registration Rewards on the RedFox Games website.

    Our original plan was to distribute these rewards immediately after the service was opened, but as we prioritized responding to server stabilization issues, the rewards distribution process was delayed unintentionally.

    Our team predicts that the major server-related issues will be resolved by the following week, so these rewards will be sent once the issues are fixed. We ask for your patience and understanding, as our team works on improvements that will further enhance your gaming experience.

    Also, in order to give a little support to our Lords who are spending their time upgrading their Kingdom, a special Coupon Code will be given out once a day over the next 3 days.

    Please check back here for a new coupon code each day for a free reward!

    Coupon Reward Info
    Rewards Coupon Code
    100 Gems​
    (Coupon Validity Period: December 1, 2022)
    200 Gems​
    (Coupon Validity Period: December 2, 2022)
    300 Gems​
    (Coupon Validity Period: December 3, 2022)

    <How to Use Kingdom Hunter Coupons>
    Coupons can be entered through the link below after creating a Kingdom Hunter account.
    (Enter your Lord name) Go to Kingdom Hunter Coupon Claim Page

    For Android phone users, you can also check the coupon page link through “Settings > Account info > Enter Coupon Number” in the Kingdom Hunter game.[​IMG]
    • Coupons can only be used once per account.
    • Coupons in the same group can only be used once per account, even if the coupon number is different.
    • After entering the coupon properly, you can check for your rewards in your in-game mailbox.
    • Expired Coupons cannot be used.
    Thank you,
    Kingdom Hunter Team
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