Event The Lord of Kings - Tips Sharing Event (Winners Announced)

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    Share Comprehensive Knowledge.
    Give warmhearted support to your Alliance Members.
    Once this is done, you can claim the title of the True Lord of All Lords!

    Event Period

    • Ended on December 6, 2022
    Event Details

    Where should I spend my AP starting out?
    Which frontiers or bases on the World Map should I visit?
    INT, LEAD, POW, which is more important?
    What's going on in the center area of the World Map?
    What's the advantage of levelling up a 1-Star Hero to 100?
    What kind of Hero would be advantageous to develop?

    At first, new Lords may feel overwhelmed with questions about how to develop their Kingdom.
    Help them out by sharing some tips and tricks to make their experience better.

    During the event period, share your knowledge and strategic tips with others via the Strategy Bulletin Board on Kingdom Hunter's official Social media sites.
    (The URL can be shared if the guides are in video format.)

    ⮚ Go to Strategy Bulletin Board

    Event Rewards

    • The following rewards will be given to Lords who are selected as the ‘Lord of All Lords,’ who create content to share with others:

    ※ Note
    • LORDCOINs will be distributed to the raffle winners after the Kingdom Hunter global service launch.
    • Premium Hero Recruitment tickets will be distributed to the winners after the official Kingdom Hunter service launch in their region.
    • LORDCOIN rewards will be voided for those who have not provided the required info to participate in the event.
    • For any participants who have attended the event in an inappropriate way, their participation may be cancelled and items may be retrieved. Also, certain game services and/or functions may be restricted.
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    After further adieu, we're excited to announce the event winners!

    Event Winners:

    Congratulations to our winners, and a special thanks to everyone that participated!

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