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    Summer sales_new_Size.jpg

    Summer is officially here! We have a special 20% OFF Summer Sales Event so don't miss out on these scorching hot deals!

    SUMMER SALES EVENT DURATION: June 28, 2022 – July 18, 2022 (TBD)

    All items on the list below are 20% OFF rounded up prices and should be located on the same Item Shop placement.


    Sales Event Note:

    • You can find all the items on their regular Item Shop placement and will be listed on its 20% off rounded up price.
    • All previously release 20% off boxes are located on the Item Shop > Misc. Tab
    • All sales are final! No adjustment will be made once the Summer Sales Event are officially over.
    • Once Summer Sales event is over all prices will revert back to the original prices.
    • Make sure you check often on our websites and announcement on when we have server maintenance as this will be the usual time we will proceed to start and end sales.
    • Make sure that you take full advantage of the sales as it is only available for a limited time.
    • Sales may end at any time in the month of July 2022.
    • Details and Sale Items are subject to change.
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