Sale: Heaven Jade Chest (Mar) 2021

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    Heaven Jade Chest (Mar)

    The Heaven Jade Chest is a random chest that contains one of the following items. Only items in the list below can be acquired.
    • Auto Buff Scroll (7 Days) [Automatically Applied]
    • Sky Lord's Holy Feed (900 Min) [Automatically Applied]
    • Absorption Pill (600 Min) [Automatically Applied]
    • White Feather - Wings craft material.
    • Black Feather - Wings craft material.
    • Golden Feather - Wings craft material.
    • Bronze Bar - Worth 100 Million Silver Jeon.
    • Silver Bar - Worth 500 Million Silver Jeon.
    • Ancient Platinum(15%) - enchant your equipment by (15%).
    • Platinum Upgrade Stone - Advanced UpLv exclusive upgrade stone.
    • Herbal Medicine Box
    • Expansion Pill Box - Required G12 to consume.
    • Diamond - Jewel that you can insert to the gear
    • Silver Jade Stone - Combination material for Cloak Gold Jade Stone.
    • Gold Jade Stone - Material to refine items.
    • Gold and Silver Stone - Equipment craft material
    • Genuine Jade - Material to refine items.
    • Mount Box(15%) - Acquire 1 mount with 15% upgrade rate.
    • Fahrenheit Jade - A rare jade. Can be use in various ways
    • Mount's Spirit - Material item for crafting mounts.
    • Heaven Chest - Receive a random warlord item(E) when you open the chest.
    • Stats Increase Pill - Can proceed Rebirth 1 time without consuming CP.
    • Holy Mount Stone - Add additional stat on a mount. The existing stats of the mount will change to another stats or value.
    • Master of Blue Cloak(Elite)
    • Brilliant Stone
    • Brilliant Oblivion Stone
    • Wield Oblivion Stone
    • Cymophane Oblivion stone
    • Guardian Chest
    Find the Heaven Jade Chest (Mar) in the "Misc" section of the Item Shop!

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