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    [My Game Tips] About Guilds.

    Server Name: Kingdom 3 | Lord Name: Dragon

    Server Name: Kingdom 2 | Lord Name: Dragon67

    "Your choice as a candidate to join a guild "

    Hello folks !

    First of all
    , make yourself comfortable, take something to drink and some snacks ;)
    I hope you are well, I write this first message, I do not expect anything in return
    Maybe I'll write some other good advice to see if it depends on different things.
    We will talk about guilds in general and more specifically about your choice as a candidate to join a guild

    Very good advice to all new players

    Don't join the highest ranked guilds because they are not necessarily the best guilds
    It's better to be 7-8 active players, warriors with a nice solidarity than 70 - 80 sheep, passive players who will let you die at the first opportunity

    "It is better to live like a lion for 1 day than to live like a sheep for 100 days."

    If I were you, I would look for a guild that shares these different values:

    - Good communication between members
    - A good mutual support between members
    - Loyal
    - Active
    - Solidarity
    - Ready to attack and defend
    - Who uses English as a preferred language
    - Who uses another means of communication other than IG (like Discord)

    NB: If you are looking for a guild of this type and you can't find it, create your own ! & Better to start from 0 on a good base than on a bad base


    I - Know that currently there are only 4 concrete advantages of being in a guild:

    - The first one, the fact to be in a group and to learn from other players within it
    - The special marketplace with guild coins
    - Earning runes every week (leaderboard guilds)
    - To be better placed to win different team events

    II - About leaderboard guilds (each weeks):

    - Top [1 - 3] = 100 000 runes
    - Top [4 - 10] = 50 000 runes
    - Top [11 - 20] = 30 000 runes
    - Top [21 - 50] = 10 000 runes
    - Top [51 - 100] = 5000 runes

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