Patch Notes New Contents: Hero Quest (Version 7.0.3 Client Update)

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    [New Content : Hero Quest]
    • A new feature, Hero Quest has arrived for Lords who have completed the early tutorial quests.
    • When you complete a Hero Quest, you will receive both a Quest Completion Reward and a Hero Affinity Reward.
    Acquire Hero's Letter
    • When you “Investigate” a Neutral Base of the World Map, an exclamation mark icon may appear on the loading screen. Clicking on the icon will give you a chance to acquire the <Hero's Letter> item.


    Hero Quest Check
    • Lords who have completed the tutorial quests can click the ‘Quest’ icon on the top left of the Kingdom and World Map to check the Hero Quest status and the remaining Hero’s Letter in your possession as shown below image.
    Hero Quest Progress and Earn Rewards
    • When you open the Hero's Letter, you will be able to check the required Hero, quest details, and completion rewards. Upon completing the quest, you will receive the completion reward and Hero Affinity Points.


    [Misc. Improvements]
    • A message feature was added to the Alliance Chat Window. These messages will inform you about the current battle status of your Alliance members and if they succeed or fail in attacking and defending.
    • A Reset function has been added in order for Lords to proceed again when Contaminated Fog is completed.
    • A function was added that allows Lords to increase their Hero Capacity Limit.
    • The number of Units that can be treated at one time is limited to 3,000, in order to get soldiers back on the battlefield as quickly as possible.

    [UI/UX Modification and Effects Added]

    • Animation of the Drake card has been updated.

    [Bug Fixes]
    • An issue where the red dot did not appear on the quest button during the tutorial has been fixed.
    • The problem of not coming up to the top depth or overlapping with the existing icon when the user selects on the World Mini-map has been resolved.
    • In the Arena, when entering the Corps menu, the issue where the Arena UI would break when sorting Heroes on the selection screen and the Hero status text would not refresh when scrolled through has been fixed.
    • An issue where all upgradeable higher tier troops were not visible when upgrading Units has been fixed.
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    This is an unnecessary loss of AP
    Prepare more interesting events such as some kind of castle to take (in the center) or boss with benefits and rewards
    Also add more guild features with skills that the guild leader has to pay with coins
    For example

    Skill - Speed movement

    lvl 1 = 300 000 coins = 1% speed move for each members


    More and more older players are leaving, please be aware.

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