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    • In the beginning, focus on few good INT heroes to continually improve buildings.
    • Choose the best INT hero to work in Prison.
    • Max Coco (1 star hero) and use her to persuade Niniel (best 3 star INT hero), then use Niniel to persuade Adele/Homir (best 4 star heroes)
      Best INT heroes:
      1★ - Coco, Eliza
      2★ - Piaf, Deva
      3★ - Niniel, Lena
      4★ - Adele, Homir
    • Focus on one group that you will use for PVP/PVE and invest resources in these heroes
    • Don't upgrade Tier Troops for heroes who are just farming. This does not affect Gathering capacity
    • Focus Research for extra slots in Corps to send more heroes to farm
    • Don't chase high level resource nodes, the only difference is the amount of resources at one point. The speed of collection and the amount that the team can carry completely depends on the team and your Research.
    • Always finish a node resource even if there are 5, 10 or 20k+ resources left, that way you will refresh the node, and a completely full node with respawn close to you
    • Always prepare resources in advance, for continuous improvement of buildings
    • The basis in PVP is damage dealer, immunity/turn reducer, shield, control and heal. It is desirable to have at least one hero in each role team.
    • Read your opponent's hero skills, as well as check their gear to know what to expect and on what turn.
    We could go on and on forever. Read more recommendations on the forum, as well as ask questions on the official Discord
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