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Discussion in 'Guides & Tips (EN)' started by tigadurog, Jan 6, 2023.

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    Most of us do this already but for those who doesn't know. we can actually capture prisoner in rune tree then persuade it using your high INT heroes. so you can check all rune tree nearby if there is a hero that you wanna capture then you can try to attack it. this is actually better than attacking base at war to acquired prisoner since attacking base will make your troops die if you lose unlike attacking rune tree. you're troops will be injured only and hospital can heal those injured troops. unlike to those troops that die in battle. It's a permanent loss of troops if they die. hospital can only heal not revived.

    another option is If you have a friend in different alliance you can actually exchange prisoner in rune tree ( I don't have friend :( ... )

    if you're starting and can't do what was written in above. you can go to fairy spring to max your AP then use it all in traveler's inn. ( you can do this 24/7 )
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