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    Greetings from the Kingdom Hunter Team.

    First, we would like to sincerely thank all the Lords who participated in the Kingdom Hunter 2nd Airdrop event, and are excited to announce our winners!

    The event winners must link their WeMix wallet address once the game is officially launched in order to receive any rewards. Please be sure to link your wallet address to the client after the official Kingdom Hunter launch.

    Prize 1

    • Target: 20 randomly selected Lords who have completed all missions of the Airdrop event
    • Reward
    [​IMG] 100 LORDCOIN
    Prize 2

    • Target: All Lords who have completed the Airdrop event mission.
      ※ Only adventurers who have completed all missions will be rewarded.

    • Reward

    Rewards Distribution Guide
    Event rewards will be distributed in the month of December 2022 directly to your registered WEMIX wallet. To do so, you must link your WEMIX account (with wallet address) before November 30, 2022 to claim the rewards (The actual distribution date will be announced later on)

    ※ If your wallet address is not linked to the game within the window of eligibility you will not receive rewards for this event.
    ※ If an email account is duplicated, rewards will only be paid once.
    ※ Your rewards will be terminated if you are found to have participated in the event abnormally/illicitly.
    ※ Any Lord who registered an abnormal Wemix wallet address will not be eligible to receive rewards.
    ※ Even if you participate in multiple languages with the same wallet address, you will only be rewarded once.

    The rewards for the winners of the 1st Airdrop event that took place until July 2022 will also be paid on the same schedule.

    We apologize for the delay in compensation payment due to the postponement of the launch schedule.

    Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing you all for the official release!

    Kingdom Hunter Team
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