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    If you would like to Link your account to save your game data, please follow the steps below.

    1. The easiest way to link your account on Kingdom Hunter is to use your Google or Apple Account ID by clicking on the Log in via Google/Apple option on the main menu.


    2. If you have a Google Email account already linked to your Google Play Store it should automatically register that you are signed in with your Google Account

    3. If you are not logged in, it will ask you to Log in to your Google Account with your Google Email.

    4. If you use Login via Facebook, you will have to Login to your Facebook Account to proceed with registering Account.[​IMG]

    5. If you use the Log in as Guest option, please note that your information will disappear when you Logout or Delete the App. You will lose your account if you Logout as Guest without linking your account.

    6. You can protect your account data by linking your account in your in-game settings.

    7. Enter the randomly generated numbers in order to confirm your Guest Account.

    8. To protect your account data as a Guest Account, you will need to link it after you have registered your Lord Nameand go through the games epilogue with Episode 1.


    9. To link your account, start by going through Settings > Account info and Click Login via Google to link the account.


    10. Select the expand arrow and click on the google email address you want to Link with your Guest Account.


    11. Once the email has been selected, press the “Continue” button and this should exit you to the main page.

    12. You can now relog into Kingdom Hunter and it should load your linked Google Account with your chosen Account Name.


    13. Here you can check if the Account is linked by going back to Setting > Account Info

    14. Make sure that the Account Link states “Interlock Complete.” Your account is now linked to your chosen account, in this case your Google Account.

    15. Do not click on Delete Account, as this will delete your account and cannot be recovered.

    16. If you Delete your Account/Lord Name on any Kingdom, it will also delete your account information on all other Kingdoms. For example, if you delete your account on the Kingdom 1 server, it will also delete your Kingdom 2 Lord information. So make sure that you will no longer need any of your Account/Lord Names before proceeding to Delete Account.

    17. Linking your account ensures that your account is data is saved with your Linked Account, so make sure you have this “Interlock Complete” status.
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