Fix the problem at wing tailor

Discussion in 'Game Help and Tips' started by Gromsch1, May 18, 2023.

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    I have lost wings and black feather 2nd time after I tried to craft. I got disconnected and after reconnect wings and feathers are gone. No more in my bag it s gone!!!

    Disconnect is not my fault and this is 2nd it happened I lost already 1,8 Billion Silver. I want my wings back or my silver.

    My name in the game is Gromschi God Level 6

    Hey gamemaster if you do not reply I stop playing and I will tell in many forums you **** on the community and service is also big **** no service no reply on tickets since months.We pay with real money and get a kick in our face. Underfuckingstand?

    Give me my 1,8 billion silver back or 2 wings and repair this **** at the wings tailor with manufacturing wings and black feather every time there is disconnect if you want to manufacture 3 blacl feathers with breastplate and after reconnect the wings are ******* gone !!! wtf? Fix this **** bug F I X IT !!!

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