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    We are glad to announce a new dungeon map called Cave of Darkness is now open. Are you prepared to go through the darkness swarming with Tyrant monsters and slay the Tyrant Decedents?

    Cave of Darkness:
    • Cave of darkness is a new high level map so make sure you are fully equipped to take on hordes of Tyrant monsters
    • Head to each factions Guard Captain NPC> Move > Cave of Darkness.
    • Map UI will be blacked out as the Cave of Darkness
    • Cave of Darkness Entry fee is 1Million Silver Jeon for 10Mins so make sure you are willing to pay the price before entering the map.
    • Can only be access 10Mins per entry (will automatically teleport to the designated town once the time count ends)
    • Must be G12 or above to enter.
    • The Max number of players participating on the Cave of Darkness is 100 at a time regardless of faction.
    • PVP are allowed in the Cave of Darkness but does not have any EXP gain, CP gain, or items drops.
    • Cave of Darkness will contain high level Tyrant monsters guarding the Tyrant Descendants.
    • Tyrant Descendants are the main target of the Cave of Darkness as they drop the Stone Materials use to create Legacy of Tyrant Box need to collect 4 Stone materials
      • Golden Jade stone
      • Black Jade stone
      • Moon Jade Stone
      • Light Stone
    Blacksmith NPC.jpg

    • You will have to go to the Blacksmith NPC > Manufacture to craft the Legacy of Tyrant Box
    • Legacy of Tyrant Box includes one of the following Items ranging from Elixirs, Platinum Upgrade Stone, Gold Gate Scroll, Various Rare Mounts or Elite Pets:
      • Strength Elixir
      • Agility Elixir
      • Vitality Elixir
      • Chi Elixir
      • Platinum Upgrade Stone
      • Gold Gate Scroll
      • Red Tiger
      • Sundon
      • Shinrok
      • Blue Crane
      • Bronze Bull
      • Grizzly Bear
      • Red Scale Bird
      • Chun Ho
      • Tweton
      • Baekrok
      • White Bear
      • White Herb
      • White Bull
      • Silver Mirror Stats Pet
      • Sky Mirror Stats Pet
      • Unbounded Dragon Pet
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    not worth it.

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