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    For a long time in 12sky one weapon and 2 stats have dominated the game. If you do not want to play as a damage weapon with max vit or a str pure your pvp life is over. I do not believe this needs to be the case, and it would not take a huge overhaul of the combat system to open up other viable options.
    My suggestion for creating a more balanced play environments is quite simply to change around some of the value per stat point. before you make a snap judgement about how it cant work please take a sec to look at my idea.

    I Should preface this by recommending that all weapon classes have their weapons normalized, it is easier to balance when your not working on multiple issues. (this is not saying get rid of varying damage amounts withing weapons, just the downward power trend by class) tweaking the weapon specific buffs could provide a easier tool for defined power.

    Str: works great as is

    Agility: Works as is but def needs to have around 2.2 damage reduction per defense. (yes this means much lower str builds but hold off on judgment please)

    Vit: Remove evasion from vit but buff its hp to around 30 per point (this frees up points to place in agility or spirit while still hitting the 30 to 35k health goals of most builds)

    Spirit: Chi is great but this is the weakest stat and most under used. i propose removing damage from this stat and replacing it with elemental damage that cannot crit and elemental defense. buff numbers to around 30% weaker than Str but with bonuses to ranged weapons :) (ranged buff already gets some elemental damage increase)

    While these changes may seem to not be that huge, with a little thought and some tweaking of the numbers this will provide a increase in value for spirit pets and a good benefit for m15 pets. it will give ranged weapons a place to shine against high defense builds while not replacing the raw single hit damage of damage weapons and over all this makes each stat choice matter with strong benefits and drawbacks to each available build.

    I personally believe that this could provide the back bone for a much more active and ever evolving player vs player experience as people build and counter build against the "meta" while not removing the high paced authentic 12sky combat feel. with defense mitigating some damage killing will be a little harder but adding a .125 second delay on auto pill or less if needed could ensure the ability to kill while not destroying anyone's hopes and dreams on that one shot god moment :)

    Please take a moment to consider this proposal and think of the overall play and counter play ability's brought in to play by this before rejecting the idea out of hand.
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