12sky2 Classic Launch schedule and our commitment.

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    Our game team is structured with top engineers with over 10 years of experience of game publishing and operation of MMORPG genre in the game industry.
    Especially, we have good relationship with handful of well-known game developers in S. Korea including SG Data for 12Sky2 Classic.
    We’ve faced and addressed countless hacking related issues (including DDoS) so we can assure that our engineers will do their best for you to experience online games without being hacked by others.
    In addition, we are focusing on the localization of game contents thoroughly so you won’t be confused or lost when you play our games being translated in English.
    With all been said, the preparation process might cause slight delay towards the scheduled game launch.
    However, we will do our best to come up with the most enhanced contents for you to enjoy.
    So spread out the words and will see you soon!


    Mata Hari, Producer of 12 Sky2 Classic
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