Spring Event: Rebirth Crafting Materials

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    Spring Event is here! We are bringing back the special Rebirth Crafting Material Event in which players can obtain Rebirth Materials to gain some Exp Boosters, CP Charm and if successful a Stat Increase Pill (Rebirth Pill).

    Players can obtain 4 types of Rebirth Crafting Materials via PVM in all maps
    • Snowy Aroma Herb
    • Jade Spirit Flower
    • Holyking‚Äôs Hemp
    • Gamboge Root
    • Players can Craft via Blacksmith NPC>Manufacture 1- 4 Types with 4 Failed Craft Results and 1 Successful Craft Results.
    • Players can choose to craft any of the items as long as they have the necessary materials. The more of the Rebirth Materials you Craft the better the Failed Result Item will be.
    • Make sure that you use all the crafting materials during the Event Period as this event is available for a limited time period.
    Event Duration: March 18, 2020 (After Maintenance) - April 2020 (Before Maintenance) (TBD).

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