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    Hi lads!

    As we happily get a constant flow of new players I thought to create a little guide about autohunt to become familiar with it. (As we get many questions about it ingame.)

    (Yes Flashmonkey I'm intend to help in your great effort! :p )

    So let's see how it looks like:

    You can find the Autohunt (AH) icon above your skill bar just at the middle. (The little circular arrow.)

    The first tab: Skills (Support) Register - Here you can drag and drop your 2 basic buff skills.
    The second tab: Hunting Setup - Here you can set up your hunting preferences:
    - Spot Hunt/Standstill hunt - if checked (the dot next to it is yellow) you will not move while grinding just standing still - useful in caves
    - Moving Hunt/Move and Hunt - if there are no monster around you, you will go to the nearest and attack it
    - Skills Setup - Here you can drag and drop your attack skills. Jab: single or multi hit skill. Zone: your aoe (aera of effect) skill.
    - # of Monster - this setup determines that when will you use your aoe skill. Eg.: if you set it to 3 you will only use Zone (aoe) skill when tere are at least 3 monster around you. If less you will use your Jab skill.

    Specific setup:
    - Item Pick up - you can setup what quality items you would like to pick up. C stands for Common, U stands for Uniqe, R stands for Rare, E stands for Elite.
    - Insufficient bag - it will determines what will you do when your inventory is full: Hunt - you keep grinding, Return - you return to town.
    - Act Upon Death - cannot be changed at the moment, when you die during using autohunt you teleport back to town.
    - Take Pet Food - autohunt can automatically feed your pet
    - Take Pet Food (Exp) - autohunt can even automatically take pet xp pills from your inventory - useful when leveling pets.

    The third tab: Item Setup
    Here you can determine exact items to be picked up or not to be picked up.
    - Acquired Item stand for pick up these.
    - Not Acquired Item stands for do not pick up these.
    - You must enter the item's name and hit Register. If you want to remove an item from your list must enter it's name again and hit Delete.
    - Item setup is useful, becouse the items you list here will or won't be picked up in whatever cases. (I mean eg.: you can set up not to pick up uniqe items, but you can still get specific uniqes you like.)

    [Autohunt will automatically open Fortune Pouches and Lucky Tickets. Silver is always picked up by autohunt regardless your quality or any other setup.]

    Autohunt works perfectly with your auto pill. It will take the necessary pills from your skill bars (yep you can fill all the 3 skill bars). When the skillbar runs out he begin to take out from your inventory and register it for itself on your skill bar. So make sure to have chi and hp pills registered ot at least that there are some in your inventory. (Stands for pet food too.)

    Standard setup for caves: Standstill hunt - # of Monsters 1 - you will always aoe [you want this always if possible it's the most effective way to grind/farm]
    Standard setup for caves with no "perfect" spots and for eg.: Solemn Grounds map: Move and Hunt - # of Monsters 2 (or 3) - you will be roaming around and kill everything using both Jab and Zone skills.

    My personal specific item pick up setup (to give you an idea how it works):
    I set to only pick up rare and elite item plus these:
    Acquired Item:
    Fortune Pouch
    Lucky Ticket
    Big Lucky Ticket
    God Lucky Ticket
    Fist Scroll Box

    Not Acquired Item:
    Purple Jade
    Red Jade
    Skill Reset Scroll
    Book of Clear Fog

    I hope it's understandable and helps some of you out!

    P.S.: Where are my cookies? :)
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    I found this guide very useful, I was having issues with it in early maps so I grinded by hand 1-m2. Since m2 and premium maps I got the AH working properly and now I'm grateful for it.. :D

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