Zhou's Kill the Vagabond Event!

Discussion in 'Tao Server' started by ZacharyWarden, May 23, 2020.

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    Hey there, Dragons! May30th during the stream at 2pm cst, we will be doing something very special for Tao. A "Kill the Vagabond!" in Bloody Plains! Zhou The Vagabond has gotten blessed by the heavens only to become a Tyrant! Strike him down and earn a prize! Zhou will flee as everyone, and we do mean everyone, tries to kill him. The person who gets the final hit, wins the prize for that round. For the first x amount of rounds we will be giving out Pig Guardians, Decorative Costumes, and 7x Experience Cards! Semi-Final rounds we will give out a full KL1 set (G1 S1 Q1 F1). The Final round will merit 2.5k CC to the winner! At the end of the stream we will hold a raffle for the Grand Prize of an Ultimate Tablet!!!

    The 3 rules are simple:
    #1. No Masks Allowed. If you get the last hit while wearing the mask. Your reward is forfeit.
    #2. To enter the raffle for the Grand Prize you must be watching the live twitch stream at twitch.tv/zhouthevagabond. Just by merely attending the stream and you will be entered into the raffle. (Tao and Yin players watching the stream both have a chance at the Ultimate Tablet)
    #3. One win per tier. You can not sweep this event. If you earn a prize please wait in a safe zone until the next set of prizes. Meaning you can win up to 4 times. 1xStarter Tier, 1xSemi-Final Tier, 1xFinal Tier and the Grand Prize.

    Sponsored by: Redfox

    Special thanks to: TK0, XuanWen, Destruction, NuageRullz, [Mina], MegaTranh, TheOneSmurfs, TerrorHavoc, Exiled, Hari][Won, and [Hitman] Thank you so much your support, donations and testing with me to see if i will be adequate for this event.

    Extra Special Thanks: [GM]Ahri, [CM]Ninearts and Redfox Support Team. Thanks for your trust and having faith in me. I promise not to let ya'll down, and do my best. Without ya'll, this event wouldn't be possible.

    Join the twitch here!

    Join our Discord for more questions here.
    https://discord.gg/dDCEpfN Kill Zhou Vaga.jpeg
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    2AM my time LOL
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    5am Monday for me, I’ll be off to work
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    Time is hard for everyone. Since our player-base is world wide i was trying to make it best for the Server time.
    Which would be Noon on Saturday.

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