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    Here's my suggestion for a Wild Blood BF LE exocore.
    Draygashi helped me with the moveset. I made the concept video and the inventory thumbnail and in-game "screenshot."

    Concept Video:

    The V skill becomes a combo skill. Start up should be about 10 frames instead of 15. This should allow the move to connect with a stun launcher pretty well. Skill Cool-down should be 5 frames longer to compensate. SP Consumption should be 10% lower than the original's.
    V - 4 slashes: No knock down. Should leave you and your opponent with 0 frames of advantage. Can press P, K, or G at any point during the slashes to lock in which move you'll finish with.
    • VP - Drill after 4 Slashes: It's the original move, but the start up on the slashes is faster.
    • VK - Bounce Up Launcher after 4 Slashes: Uses Blood Dragon's final punch as the Bounce UP launcher after the four slashes. Should be able to juggle up a medium-tall platform with this.
    • VG - Backwards Dodge Attack after 4 Slashes: Uses Black Dragon's backwards dodge attack after the 4 slashes.
    B - Claw Launcher: This move should be exactly the same as the original move, as it is perfect just how it is. Skill cooldown should be exactly the same as the original's. SP Consumption should be 10% lower.

    Inventory Image:

    In-game Visual concept:


    Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please be sure to leave a comment on how you feel about this exocore concept.
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    Hella support <3

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