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Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Dinovic, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Feb 3, 2016
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    Hello Every1,

    My in-game Nickname is Dinovic and Today I post the first Thread About my League:

    9Dragons Hero League
    is the BEST White Side Hero League, And we are Recruiting only the Most Active, Strongest and Best WIlling Players that 9Dragons Still Has after all these Years !!!

    If You Like The all Attributes +20 and +50% xp Buff as The Base League Buff, Feel Free to Wisp Me in League (Shao), Otherwise Wisp the Following:

    BigYeti (Healer) Wu-Tang Hero League Leader, and Our Most Respected and Sexy Healer
    MarsiD (Warrior) League of Beggar Hero League Leader, and One of The Most Feared in Bloody Plain
    Drug (Warrior) Wu-Tang Hero League Leader, also One of the Most Addictive Guy in League
    Senjutsu (Warrior) Shaolin Hero League Leader, Also The First Savege Warrior in-game

    This Said. I wanna Wish Every1 a Happy Grinding

    May the Hero in You Raise as One of the Strongest the Land of 9Dragons Needs !!!
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  2. Trevino

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    Dec 23, 2015
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    If you wish for everyone to have "Happy Grinding" then I would suggest stop your members pking people over and over. I don't know how many times I have heard in my league chat (Jasmine) that you guys are PKing our members in CC or HZ. I've attempted to speak to your leaders and respectfully asked that you leave Jasmine members alone as we do not random PK nor do we want to be involved in any "league war." We are one of the oldest leagues around have remained neutral and will remain that way. I then get attacked by your members and when I DEFEND myself 2 more higher levels come after me, PK me and then the player who I defend myself from makes me wanted after they attacked me.

    Please start to control your members and leave those who don't want to be involved in the BS drama of this game alone, otherwise a few leagues will make this game go the way of previous publishers.

    Even with being PKed by one of your members (Drilla) I saw him lion roaring for LOBs steps and instead of selling them to him, I just dropped them on the ground, told him to have a great day and then LF'ed away. Why? B/c I don't hold a grudge towards 9Dragons league members, I'm a TEDDYBEAR and I just want all to have fun!!

    Thank you to all the PvP leagues (for the most part) leave Jasmine to do there own thing and are friendly when asked to stop the random PK of Jasmine members.

    9Dragons we would love to be able to laugh with you guys to and buff you on shared maps and be friendly. If you have any issues with Jasmine, please message me. I am on Teddy.

    Thanks Dinovic!! :)
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    Jan 24, 2016
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    Trevino, I feel you, but I spoke in this same thread about this same problem yesterday, my post got removed :) So i guess we are spiking to a wall.

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