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    Back on OGPlanet I was very active in trying to help people solve bugs and issues in general. I plan on doing that on RedFox to, but in this thread I want to teach people how to send a proper ticket and how to report bugs and seek help more clearly.

    When sending a ticket to the support team or seeking help on the forums follow these steps.

    #1:You should include:
    Bug Type: Game Crash, Dialogue Issue, Graphical Bug, etc
    Bug Description: A brief description explaining the issue. How to Reproduce A step by step description of how to replicate the issue
    Date and Time: When you encountered this issue
    Location: Where you encountered this issue
    Screenshots: Any screenshots you may be able to provide that document the issue.

    #2:If you don't get any errors and there is noting to take a screen shot of, but your game is crashing or your lagging send or post your dxdiag. A dxdiag.txt file so that we can check your system settings, hardware and driver details.

    To obtain the dxdiag.txt file:
    Click on Start
    Click on Run
    Type dxdiag then press enter
    Click the Save All Information button
    Note: Some Vista users will need to execute the RUN tool by going to your Control Panel and selecting Taskbar and Start Menu → Customize and scrolling down until you find the Run Command. Check the box and apply. Then follow the instructions above.
    Note: If you use Windows 8 you can open the dxdiag tool by pressing the Windows-key and typing dxdiag
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