Unscheduled Maintenance Notification - July 17, 2023

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    Due to server stabilization issues, we plan to conduct service maintenance as follows.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    ● Maintenance Time
    • July 17, 2023 21:30 ~ (ICT, UTC+7)
    • July 17, 2023 14:30 ~ (UTC)
    • July 17, 2023 11:30 ~ (BRT,UTC-3)
    • July 17, 2023 07:30 ~ (PDT,UTC-7)
    ● Maintenance Agenda:

    - As the Unit Tier increases through class study, the effect of increasing gathering amount, increasing ATK, and increasing HP will be greater. (Please note that the Imperial Army's strength is also affected.)
    -Fixed an error where the loading capacity displayed on the corps selection screen and the actual gathering amount were different.
    -Fixed an error where the ‘silence spell’ status could not be removed when using the crowd control removal skill of the Hero ‘Sarah’.
    -Fixed an error where, in some cases, the shield of the Hero 'Priscilla' could not be maintained when using the shield creation skill that lasts for 1 turn on all allies.

    Thank you.
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