Server Maintenance: 8/31/21 | Patch 262 [COMPLETE]

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    Dear Nine Dragons Community,

    The servers will undergo maintenance and server update on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, starting at 18:00 server time. The downtime will be approximately 5 hours.

    • Routine server checks
    • Summer Event will end.
    • Moon Festival will begin. You can find full event details here.
    • Hero Band and Master & Disciple list will be reset.
    • Infinite Dungeon ranking will be reset, and points will be distributed to the top 50.

    We'll update this post when the maintenance is complete and servers are available. Additional Patch Notes, including improvements and new features, will be added after the maintenance.


    Patch Notes 262 for August 31, 2021
    The following release notes contain information about the update.

    • Celestial Yellow Dragon of Darkness Clothes has been added to the Resource list of Dongcheon Seowang in Kunlun.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a visual bug with dungeon passes placed in the character's 5th bag when entering the dungeon appears not to be consumed until relog.
    • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar of the Notice box appears within the character buffs section.
    • Fixed text error of Healer Party Abilities Resistance value displaying a % instead of a flat value.
    • Fixed text error of Heavenly Demon Holist skill books and trade list.
    • Fixed an issue where Dark Kylin and Blood Kylin Keys had a different item name than what it supposed to be.
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    Maintenance has concluded and servers will be available at 21:30 server time!

    Thank you for your patience!
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