Maintenance Server Maintenance: 8/30/22 | Patch 315-316 [COMPLETE]

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    Dear Nine Dragons Community,

    The servers will undergo maintenance and server update on August 30, 2022, at 18:30 server time. The downtime will be approximately 3 hours.

    Changes and Updates:
    • Routine server checks.
    • Summer Vacation event will end.
    • Labor Day & Hero Tournament event will begin. You can find full event details here.
    • Added Radiant Beads of Red Pheonix, Radiant Beads of Silver Tiger, Radiant Beads of Dark Brown Tortoise, and Radiant Beads of Blue Seven-Tail Fox to the resource trade list of [Rank 1] Blue Splendor Stone Collector, Bae HaYoung in Qingdao.
    • Added GM's Creating Guide to Splendor Magi, the Black Widow's Blood, and Shenhee, the Poison Shaman. (GM's Creating Guide: A creating guide for only weapons. Guarantee 100% Create success rate.)
    • Change the properties of Blue Splendor Stone from Cannot Trade to Can Trade.
    • Change the properties of Blue Wind Marble and Harmonious Wind Marble from Cannot Trade to Can Trade.
    • Fixed the issue where there is a second Choice of Fate Bag (2) (M) instead of a Choice of Fate Bag (1) (F) at the Resource trade list of Death Valley Master Dressmaker in Zhengzhou.
    • Fixed an error with the texture of Seastorm White Dragon Gloves.
    • Fixed the issue where monsters inside the Infinite Dungeon disappear, reappear while walking around the room, or don't even appear.
    • Fixed an error where a message repeatedly displayed while summoning a monster.
    • Fixed an issue where Seowang's Jade Mirror and Seowang's Jade Comb have not been dropping since 2021. The drop table for certain monsters in Kunlun has been recategorized.
    • Hero Band and Master & Disciple applicant lists will be reset.
    • Infinite Dungeon ranking will be reset, and points will be distributed to the top 50.

    We'll update this post when the maintenance is complete and servers are available. Thank you for your patience during the maintenance.
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    Maintenance has concluded, and servers will be available at 21:05 server time.

    Thank you for your patience!
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