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    Desc: Android's search for new circuitry proves useful when she stumbles upon an ancient, heavily encrypted database, filed under the code-name Sariel. After decoding the archives, she reads the new-found information bestowed upon her, containing details of dealing devastating laser attacks with proton energy. Android installs the code circuit into her motherboard, unaware of the risks of terminating her emotion core, leaving her an emotionless powerhouse of destruction. <Created by IGN: Demenete>

    * This Exocore is based from the character Eve and her Code: Sariel class from the MMORPG Elsword *
    * Exocore focuses on Android's evolution of power, gifting her the ability to control proton energy into laser beams. *
    * The user's scroll combos will remain *
    Price: 55,000 Carats or 1,250 Redfox Credits
    Pros & Cons: This exocore can deal heavy AoE damage with a wide radius to work with, focusing on team-play to deal maximum damage, however the V skill is extremely unsafe on block and leaves Android vulnerable. The SP cost can cripple your SP bar, as well, and the damage is weak in 1v1 situations.

    Cosmetic Effect:
    * Upon activating the Exocore, the Android Avatar will gain proton electric wings resting on her shoulder-blades and waist areas (@picture) *


    V Skill - Giga Stream

    Type: Area-Of-Effect (Blockable)
    Number of Hits: 7
    Damage: 150 ~ 500 (Damage is increased the more enemies are within the blast radius)
    SP Consumption: 45 SP
    Cooldown: 2.5 seconds
    Description: Android materializes a large force field above her that rains proton-electric energy in the form of large beams on her foes.

    B Skill - Carbon Detonation

    Type: Area-Of-Effect (Final Blast is Unblockable)
    Number of Hits: [Light Barrages: 6] [Final Blast: 1]
    Damage: [Light Barrages: 50] [Final Blast: 350]
    SP Consumption: 125 SP
    Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    Description: Android overloads the Sariel core circuit and unleashes a deadly onslaught of attacks on her enemies. Enemies are pulled into the center of the blast radius the more hits they take.

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    I like this concept and design. You've got to keep yourself positioned well with the V skill so that you don't just get rammed off of Moon, but stay near a larger clump of players in order to deal efficient damage. The second skill, however, seems to just be a bigger, better version of Magnetic's B skill, which we kind of don't really need. Are there any other moves you can use off that character? If so, I'd like to see them. :3

    Also, one more thing to take into account: The Android's exo gimmick is "blockable, but wonky attacks." Having anything that's unblockable would be actually overpowered in the hands of a default Android, let alone the hands of someone using the full Pink Dizzy set with SP gems and an Android-centric Avalon Driver. We're basically the anti-thesis to Shamans, who only have exocores with unblockable skills except for 1 of them (Not counting the "all-class" stuff.) I don't think we have enough exocores to warrant us getting one with an unblockable skill just yet. :v

    Still, you've got my support. :3 I always support Android items.
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