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    Supporting our most loyal fighters with perks for you!
    Introducing our new partnership program for Rumble Fighter, dedicated to those that love to stream and make content for Rumble Fighter! By joining, you'll get exclusive access to various perks. If you are interested, please read below for the requirements, rules and information.

    Program applications are currently closed.
    Rules & General Acceptance Information
    Rumble Fighter content creators who meet the following minimum criteria can submit their application for review, as well as some information that you should know:
    • Must have created Rumble Fighter content in the last month.
    • Creates high-quality content that engages with the Rumble Fighter community.
    • You can only apply to the streamers' program with one Rumble Fighter account.
    • We will request the following information from you when applying for the streamers' program:
      • E-mail address
      • Legal First & Last Name
      • Preferred Name, if different from legal name
      • In-Game Name (IGN)
      • Link to your Twitch and/or YouTube channel(s)
      • E-mail address associated with your RedFox Games' account linked to your main Rumble Fighter account, if different
    Eligibility Requirements
    ※ Consideration does not automatically guarantee membership. Applications will be reviewed and measured against content quality and activity.
    EligibilityEligibility Requirement Details
    Twitch1) Minimum of 5 average concurrent viewership per stream or have 100 followers.
    2) Streamed a minimum of 300 minutes (5 hours) in the last 30 days.
    YouTube1) Minimum of 200 subscribers or a total of 500 views for videos in the past 30 days.
    2) Published at least 2 videos in the past 30 days that is Rumble Fighter related.
    Content Creation1) Creative, out-of-the-box content (including videos, streams or images) on any other social platforms with high engagement will also be considered.
    2) Content must be related to Rumble Fighter.
    Type of ContentContent must be appropriate and does not contain racist, defamatory, pornographic or excessive profanity.
    You and your channel, services, and content must accede to the following:
    • Comply with, and not violate or promote the violation of, RedFox Games' Terms of Service:
    • Comply with, and not violate or promote the violation of, RedFox Games' Privacy Policy:
    • Not promote or contain content that RedFox Games deems as illegal, racist, sexist, hateful, pornographic, or otherwise offensive.
    • You agree that the content might be shared or used in our official channels.
    Program Perks
    ※ As members of the streamers program, you'll also get access to exclusive perks that will reward you for creating Rumble Fighter content.
    We reserve the right to remove the acceptance rewards upon leaving the program.

    Perk TypeProgram Perk Details
    Program Acceptance Director Headset, Director Title, Director Shades (Perm.) [​IMG]
    We reserve the right to remove the acceptance rewards upon leaving the program.
    Quarterly Perk RewardTo be discussed with creator.
    Anniversary Reward
    Given after every 1 year of program acceptance date.
    1 Item of Choice
    ※ The item cannot be an item that is unreleased as a permanent item, contains either: "a company logo not affiliated with RedFox Games, contains a guild's logo, tournament items and Game Master related items."
    Set packages will not be counted as 1 item.
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