Notice Reminder: Guidelines for Player Reporting

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    Dear all Nine Dragons Awaken players,

    We are making this notice due to the high volume of player reports. While we appreciate players reporting those who are playing the game unfairly, your reports must also abide to certain requirements, listed below. We may also ask you to provide additional information in our communications with you, if necessary.
    • Player reports must be made via support ticket through the RedFox Support Portal (
    • Player reports should include an approximate timestamp and basic information, such as: (Date, Time, Map, Character Name, Timezone) for log verification purposes.
    • Player reports should include written and a form of photo/video evidence, except when you are reporting the player(s) as a suspicion.
      • Please ensure that your photo or video evidence is set to Unlisted and not Public view.
    Furthermore, we'd also like to take this time to remind you all that our official game forums & Discord is not a shortcut to make player reports and condone any witch hunting pertaining any player. In order to be effective with our efforts to combat illegitimate gameplay and behavior, player reports must be made in a single designated spot, which is through a ticket. Any witch hunting/call outs of players made on the forums and Discord are subject to removal.

    Lastly, our team is unable to communicate with the reporter of any disciplinary actions against an individual's account nor may be able to respond back to every inquiry received right away. Please refrain from attempting to expedite your inquiry.

    Thank you,
    Nine Dragons Awaken Team
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