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    Hello Dragons!

    NineArts here, posting to remind you to always practice safe trading.

    Generally, we do not assist in regards to trade scams what-so-ever.

    We will however, do the best we can to recover your items AND take the appropriate action, only IF screenshots of a trade agreement in your chat logs are available. Without such evidence we will not be able to assist you with your scam issues.

    What we need to see in your chat logs:
    Person A: How much much are you selling your (insert full item name)?
    Person B: 4 Billion. meet me at Auction House.
    Person A: (insert confirmation response)

    Even when letting someone you consider a friend, or even a league mate borrow an item, we suggest always taking the proper screenshots.

    If this can be provided, we will be able to take action immediately. We may not always be able to return items, but we will at least PERMANENTLY ban the scamming user.

    Additionally, making claims towards an individual publicly is considered making defamatory statements and is a punishable offense. Please report all scam issues via support ticket.

    Happy Trading!
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