NOTICE RedFox Games Will Never Ask for Your Account Information

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    Our official e-mails will come from:

    Looks like phishing is in season and the phishermen are getting smarter and using new bait!
    RedFox Games and staff will never ask for your personal account information, such as your password. There is a malicious account phisher going around stating that "There's issues with your account, in order to resolve this please provide us your email address and password." or messages of that nature.

    You may see an e-mail like this:




    I got an e-mail asking for my account information. What do I do?
    First, check the e-mail. Does it end with What about

    It doesn't? It's likely a scam. Report the email for fraud and phishing and mark the e-mail as spam. If you are ever unsure, send a ticket and we will assist you there. Please always use the portal to confirm if an e-mail is true or not. If the RedFox Games employee is unable to help you through the portal, they do not work for RedFox Games​

    RedFox Games staff will never do the following:
    1. Ask for personal account information such as and not limited to: your account password, your e-mail, the e-mail password, your phone number, or your home address.
    2. Personally offer an extremely rare item for a prepaid gift card from any major credit card issuer (ie. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover)
    3. Personally offer an extremely rare item through other forms of payment that are not listed in our "add credit" section such as credits for another website or sending money to a Paypal account not affiliated with

    How do I spot a phisher?
    If a user wants you to buy RedFox credits for them stating that they reached their limit, this is the first sign of a phisher. If they ask for you e-mail to purchase RC using a gift card of some sort, this is also a sign of a scam. If you would like to collect as much evidence as possible, give them a dummy e-mail. If they offer you this service, please immediately report it to our help desk.

    Are they asking for alternative forms of payment?
    Commonly, Internet thieves will ask for gift cards such as Amazon or pre-paid credit cards. If they are asking for any alternative payments such as these, they are definitely an account thief. Please ignore every attempt at this. RedFox Games will only officially talk about account payment issues through your account help desk portal.

    I have already given the account phisher my account information!
    If you have lost your e-mail account to these thieves, you will have to contact your e-mail provider to get your e-mail back. Listed below are common e-mail provider recovery pages.
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