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Discussion in 'Yin Server' started by ReneKchan, Apr 19, 2018.

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    Apr 18, 2018
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    Hi Yin,

    Today I accidently poured my hot noodle soup over my laptop and when I logged in, my male character suddenly changed to a female BoT.
    Everything else remained the same (friendlist, store, level) except for that I could not be in party with my master anymore due to black-white difference. I was using spear and wearing female clothes. When I tried to chat, I was speaking in 2 voices : one from me and the other from SadaraUchiha (must be the girl who I turned into). That was scary as hell.

    I logged out and used cold soap water to clean my screen, left it to dry and when I came back, my char changed back to the male Wutang as usual.

    So I am sharing it here to know whether I discovered a new function of the game or it was only me who had this special power. If the first case, I hope you guys could enjoy trying too, let's see who you will turn into!


    P/S : Sorry SadaraUchiha for turning into you. We never met ingame but hope maybe our fates were connected by some ancient legend...
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    Lol what kind of **** is this? What are you both trying achieve here ?
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