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Discussion in 'Yin Server' started by PadreJosuelito, Sep 30, 2020.

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    Hello guys! Its been a week since I've started 9D. I came across some doubts, any help would be appreciated!
    (I am a lv 60 Sacred Flower)
    1. I've heard that dropping advanced lightfoot is almost random, so is there any place I could farm it, or does anybody have one? :D
    2. Should I keep anything I am dropping from monsters right now? Like enchantment stones or things to put on weapons?
    and 3. Is it better to kill mobs or farm dungeon entraces (to level up)

    Thank you so much! Loving the game so far
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    Tomes for clan's advanced lightfoot, meditation, and step are currently dropped in certain dungeons and under certain colour pass runs. It will be extremely challenging if not impossible for you to farm them on your own, plus they drop randomly. Your best bet is to buy them from other players, or have them donate the tomes to you.

    At early levels, picking up flowstone and gold thread drops can be helpful when you need them in the future for crating purposes. Also, you can pick up Pieces of Steel and various collectibles for clan donations to learn your kungfu, Enhancement stones are used for upgrading weapon options on your weapons. Level 1-3 enhancement stones are not tradable, therefore you might wanna pick them up for future use. Just a stack of 255 or two would be sufficient.

    I do not quite get what you mean. Your character will only receive XP from killing mobs that are within 5 levels of you. Typically this means dark blue mobs will not give you xp. Your best bet at leveling is to kill mobs that are light blue colour and up in relation to your character level. A noteworthy point to remember is that any physical dmg that you do to mobs is reduced if they are red colour and higher. CK damage however isn't affected as much.

    Goodluck. :)
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    Since the Brain did a great job answering, all I can offer is..

    ..WELCOME to 9D, PadreJosuelito ^^

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