No-Maintenance Patch Notes: March 28, 2024 (Updated: March 30, 2024)

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    A no-maintenance patch has been completed on March 28, 2024. Players may need to update their game client for the below changes to be taken effect.

    Patch Notes for March 28th, 2024
    The following patch notes contain information about the update.

    Event & System

    • Game Changes
      • [Updated March 30] Added compatibility for Steam Remote Play with full controller support via Steam Controller settings, making it possible to play Rumble Fighter: Unleashed on mobile devices via streaming from your PC.
        • Please start Steam as Administrator for Steam Remote Play.
      • Added support for Linux systems to run Rumble Fighter: Unleashed.
      • Added support for Steam Deck devices to run Rumble Fighter: Unleashed.
        • The game must be run through the Windows version of Steam through the Bottles program on Linux.
    • Linux Limitations
      • The event webpage that displays upon game start cannot be clicked and must be closed using the ESC key on your keyboard.
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