New player, need some help with war build for PVE

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    Hello everyone!

    As i mentioned in the title, i'm a new player here (by "here" i mean at Awaken. I used to play back in Acclaim days) and i would like to know a good build for a BOT WAR that i will only focus for PVE (i do not enjoy the PVP in this game at all).

    So... How do i build the warrior? what stats?

    Do i go Full Dex, then STR, then CON, or how does this work?

    I read in a post that CON gives more defence that str, so why would i max str instead of CON? Just for 5 dmg from STR? And yes, i know it will multiply by a lot, up to more than 1000 dmg in the end, but is it worth it?

    I would like some explainantions if possible please :D

    And how do i build it, like? 2 dex, 1 con, 1 str ? and what do i do after i max dex for example? do i go like 3 str 1 con?

    I don't know what stat i should focus on.

    Also, back when i played, there where not that many clothes.. what do i want to wear now?

    Please, i would love some help and good info from you guys and i would really appreciate it if the thread will stick to this only, and don't start arguments between each other.

    I am playing on TAO, i want a war char and i only want PVE, how should i build?

    Thank you everyone!
    Have a nice Day,


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