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    It's time to take advantage of our weekend sale! Read on for the full details of this special, limited-time sale! The sale begins now and ends at 18:00 on Monday, May 2, 2022.

    Refinement Box
    In need of upgrade mats? Now is the best time to grab these! Be sure to stock up on these boxes before it's gone!
    • Refinement Box (15+4)
    • Refinement Box (5+1)
    • Refinement Box (1)
    Properties: Can Trade, Can Sell, Can Store, Cannot Discard

    Refinement Box
    One of the following items can be obtained by opening the New Refinement Box!
    • Pot of Blue Dragon's Soul
    • Pot of Red Pheonix's Soul
    • Pot of Eternal Darkness
    • Mirror of Ancient Dragon
    • Extreme Refinement Scroll +1
    • Extreme Refinement Scroll +2
    • Removing Extreme Refinement Scroll
    • Pot of Four Guardian
    • Pot of Azure Dragon's Soul
    • Tender Stone (Excellence)
    • Tender stone of Nine Divines
    • Dragon Scale
    • Dragon's Tear
    • Pot of Dharma Dragon's Soul

    White Dragon Treasure Box
    White Dragon Treasure Boxes are 30% Off this weekend! White Dragon Treasure Boxes are 30% Off this weekend! Be sure to take advantage of this discount while it lasts.
    • White Dragon Treasure Box (30+9) 7500 RC 5250 RC
    • White Dragon Treasure Box (15+4) 3750 RC 2625 RC
    • White Dragon Treasure Box (5+1) 1250 RC 875 RC
    • White Dragon Treasure Box 250 RC 175 RC

    Look for these items in the "Event/Sale" Section of the in-game RedFox Games Marketplace!
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