Marketplace Item: Summer Outfits Available Now!

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    Summer suit season is in full swing. Offers run until September 13, so don't wait and grab one today! If you're looking for the perfect outfit to carry you through the rest of the summer, we have you covered.

    Sale Items:
    • Marine Lifeguard (M)/(F)
    • Vacation Outfit (M)/(F)
    • Coast Guard (M)/(F)


    Costume Stats:
    • Maximum Life increased by 5000
    • All Attribution increases by 100
    • Weapon Damage increased by 25%
    • Critical Rate increases by 4000/10000
    • Damage increases by 40% on Critical Hit
    • Movement Speed increases by 60%
    • Level up faster with a 20% increase on Exp points
    • Increased every Item Drop Rate by 20%
    Properties: Can Trade, Cannot Sell, Can Store, Cannot Discard

    Look for these items in the "Event/Sale" Section of the in-game RedFox Games Marketplace! Grab them before they’re gone.
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