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    No way! I finally get to be in charge of prizes?
    Event Prizes:
    • You will receive EVERY SINGLE ITEM in your Fisticuffs set if you are the winning selection
    • In order to win your prize, you must include your in-game name. If you do not include your in-game name, the prizes will be automatically rewarded to the account associated with your Forum ID.

    Event Rules:
    • General Rules:
      • [Updated July 29, 2022] If your set was picked prior to January 1, 2021 you will be eligible to submit a new set for "Make Your Own Fisticuffs".
      • You must list out the correct spelling of every single item in your item list used.
      • You do not have to own the set you are proposing.
      • Your proposed set must have items that are equippable. Items listed under "Supplies" and "Enchant" will not be allowed to be given as a prize.
      • You must provide a screenshot of the Fisticuffs set you want to use. Please see the Fisticuffs thread for example of screenshots.
      • Any Rare items included in the set will be automatically disqualified and will have their post deleted from this thread.
      • All items must have (at one time) have been in the Item Shop. Items from boxes that were once in the store will not be allowed in the Fisticuffs Set.
      • Players that commit fraud (such as posting a new set on an alternate account) will have their post removed. Please allow for all players to have an equal chance at their set being chosen.
    • Skill Items:
      • Scrolls & ExoCores need to be items from the store or previously sold in the store. Marang Ninjitsu and all Ascended Scroll for example are allowed.
      • Limited time skill items will not be accepted as a prize.
      • Rare Scrolls and ExoCores that have never been sold in the store before cannot be used. Examples include but are not limited to: Fearless, Telos, Dark Haze Ninjitsu, and so on.
      • Any skill items with a upgrade variant (Summer Festival Version) that was sold in stores will not be accepted as a prize, and will be modified to the original variant of the scroll typically accessible.
    • Accessories & Clothing:
      • Accessories and Clothing used in your set must also have been in the store at one point in time.
      • You may place rare items in your item pouch slot such as: magic stones, various bombs, and more.
    • Other Items:
      • Skill Book items will not be accepted as a prize. Your entire suggestion will still have a chance to be chosen, however the Skill Book will be omitted.
      • Job Classes will not be accepted as a prize, except under special circumstances.
    Prize Selection and Forum Thread:
    • Once your prize is selected, you will receive all of the items selected for the Fisticuffs Event.
    • GMs will remove your post should it meet one of these requirements:
      • Post contains items that do not meet the requirements (overly rare and limited items)
      • Post was chosen as a winning selection (will be deleted to tidy up thread)
    • If you post multiple sets, only one will be chosen and all other entries will be no longer be chosen - in short, you can only win "Make Your Own Fisticuffs" once.
    ***Any (obviously) unrelated posts will be removed from this thread. Questions regarding this event will remain on the thread for clarification purposes.

    Here is a link to the previous "Plan Your Own Fisticuffs".

    For any questions, please leave them as a response for a GM to answer.
  2. drmedacine

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    Mar 3, 2016
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    Screenshot (291).png

    Hair: Professor Deranged

    Top: General Stonewall

    Bottom: Yellow Heart pants

    Gloves: Monkey King Gloves

    Shoes: Cosmic Socks

    Nose: Sickly Nose

    Mouth: Evil Smile

    Eyes: Evil Red eyes

    Neck: Spiky Choker

    Waist: Blockrock Tail

    Back: SMG

    Earrings: White Phantom Earrings

    Scroll: Heartseeker

    Skill Item 1: Alpha White

    Skill Item 2: Chrono Phaser

    IGN: Vyper

    Screenshot (293).png
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  3. AyeAyeAye3211

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    Dec 31, 2017
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    dsadasdsad.PNG 123213.PNG


    Hair: Taxi Driver
    Eyes: Disturbed eyes
    Top: Leather Jacket (RED)
    Bottom: Street Anklet Pants
    Gloves: Alpha Black Gloves
    Shoes:Gentlemen Shoes
    Accessories: Redfox Detective Glasses
    Scroll: Cold Blood
    Exo1: Demonic Spear
    Exo2: William Tall Summer Ver
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  4. Bardaysun

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    IGN: Talya
    "The Trickster"
    Hair: - Blue Porcupine
    Eyes: - Violet Yellow
    Nose: - Bandaged Nose
    Mouth: - Refreshing Smile
    Top: - Colored Shenlong Tattoo
    Bottom: - Blue Fire Bottoms
    Gloves: - Fresh Blue Gloves
    Shoes: - Fresh Shoes (M)
    - Royal Carrier
    - Blue Halo
    - Blue Rockstar

    - Muhon's Claw
    Iron Fist
    Scroll: Sanshou


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  5. Maikul21

    Maikul21 New Member

    Sep 14, 2019
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    IGN : Ikae

    Hair : Quiet Genius (White)
    Top : Professional Playa
    Bottom : Pinstripe Playa Slacks
    Gloves : MC Mic T-rex Watch
    Shoes : Mc Mic Shoes
    Eyes : Omni Eyes
    Smile : Evil Smile
    Scroll : Eagle Claw
    Exocore : Blood Storm Shuriken
    Exocore 2 : Gauntlet of Karak
    Neck : Ninja Muffler Black
    Face : Blood-Stained Gauze
    Waist : Grey Raccoon Tail
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  6. pikaboo

    pikaboo New Member

    Sep 5, 2020
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    RumbleFighter_09052020-141033 (2).jpg
    Taste The Rainbow!

    IGN: Actor

    Scroll: Pa Kua Kwon
    Exocores: Block master, Chain Massacre

    • Hair: Quiet Genius(Yellow)
    • Top: Mudang Top (M)
    • Bottoms: Yellow Heart pants
    • Gloves: RF Red Bout Gloves
    • Shoes: Rainbows
    • Flat nose
    • Vampire Fangs (I don't own it)
    • Moonlit eyes (I don't own them)
    • Golden Neko ears (I want black neko ears perm instead)
    • Frostfang tail
    • Ninja Muffler Yellow

    lG3oc0F.png moonlit_eyes.jpg Black Neko Ears.png
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  7. Sammyzenshin

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    Oct 8, 2020
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    IGN: Zenshin (changed IGN)
    Chinook - "The Deadliest Heat-dried Breeze!"
    Screenshot 2020-10-20 150443.png Screenshot 2020-10-20 150655.png

    Scroll: Cyclone
    Exo 1: Muhon's Claw
    Exo 2: Dark Lightning

    Hair: Cartomancer Hair
    Eyes: Thoughtless Eyes
    Nose: N/A
    Mouth: Evil Smile
    Top: Black Dragon Top (M)
    Bottom: Monkey King Pants
    Gloves: Golden Hook
    Shoes: Kabuki Ninja Shoes

    Face Accessory: N/A
    Neck Accessory: Ninja Muffler Orange
    Back Accessory: Phaira Back Deco
    Waist Accessory: Nitoryu

    Inventory Slot 1: Panic Attack +1 (7 days)
    Inventory Slot 2: Snowball (100 Use)
    Inventory Slot 3: HP Potion ( 10 Use)
    Skill Book: N/A

    IGN: Zenshin (changed IGN)

    Nocontour - "The Food-Loving Shapeshifter!"
    Screenshot 2020-10-23 154121.png

    Scroll: Black Tortoise
    Exo 1: Ginger Man
    Exo 2: Jellyman Blueberry

    Hair: Bucket Hat (Grn Stripe)
    Eyes: Omni Eyes
    Nose: N/A
    Mouth: Lich Teeth
    Top: Frostfang Top (M)
    Bottom: Alucardo Bottom
    Gloves: Brown Bashers
    Shoes: Coldgear Boots (Green)

    Face Accessory: Booger Bubble
    Neck Accessory: Dirty Headphones
    Back Accessory: N/A
    Waist Accessory: N/A

    Inventory Slot 1: SPD-Down Bomb (20 use)
    Inventory Slot 2: Omni Sensor (1 day)
    Inventory Slot 3: SP Potion ( 10 Use)
    Skill Book: N/A

    IGN: Zenshin (Changed IGN)
    Mentone - "The Loving Regret of Sluggishness!"
    Screenshot 2020-10-26 114853.png

    Scroll: White Fang
    Exo 1: Chrono Phaser
    Exo 2: Ice Age

    Hair: Candy Toque (M)
    Eyes: Dizzy Spiral Eyes
    Nose: Flat Nose
    Mouth: Poker Face
    Top: Argent Equilibrium
    Bottom: Monarch Playa Slacks
    Gloves: Fresh Pink Gloves
    Shoes: Venus Slippers

    Face Accessory: Retro Glasses
    Neck Accessory: N/A
    Back Accessory: Portable Fan
    Waist Accessory: N/A

    Inventory Slot 1: SPD-Down Bomb (20 use)
    Inventory Slot 2: Snowball (100 use)
    Inventory Slot 3: Panic Attack +1 ( 10 Use)
    Skill Book: N/A

    IGN: Zenshin (Changed IGN)
    Reiki - "The Healing Queen of Universal Energy"
    Screenshot 2020-10-29 112009.png

    Scroll: Aikido
    Exo 1: Rocco Syringe
    Exo 2: Staff of Baum

    Hair: Twin Tail Green
    Eyes: Deep Sea Green Eyes
    Nose: Small Nose
    Mouth: Refreshing Smile
    Top: Demon Teen Idol Top (Azura)
    Bottom: Retro Bottom (Green)
    Gloves: Rocco Gloves
    Shoes: Green Urban Shoes

    Face Accessory: N/A
    Neck Accessory: N/A
    Back Accessory: Health Pack (Blue)
    Waist Accessory: N/A

    Inventory Slot 1: SP Potion (10 use)
    Inventory Slot 2: HP Potion (10 use)
    Inventory Slot 3: Omni Sensor (1 day)
    Skill Book: N/A

    IGN: Zenshin (Changed IGN)
    Kokoro - "The Colorful One Sent From The Spirit Realm"
    Screenshot 2020-10-27 125910.png

    Scroll: Abyss
    Exo 1: Block Master
    Exo 2: Phantasm

    Hair: Tomboy Cap (GR)
    Eyes: Romantic Eyes
    Nose: Regular Nose
    Mouth: Lipstick
    Top: Silver Shadow Top (F)
    Bottom: Fire Tribals
    Gloves: Grey Satin
    Shoes: Penguin Shoes (Carat Ver)

    Face Accessory: Nerdy Reading Glasses
    Neck Accessory: N/A
    Back Accessory: Magnifying Glass
    Waist Accessory: N/A

    Inventory Slot 1: Omni Sensor (1 day)
    Inventory Slot 2: Panic Attack +1 (7 days)
    Inventory Slot 3: Eye of Critical Damage (1 day)
    Skill Book: N/A

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  8. Baidoku

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    Mar 3, 2016
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    IGN: Baidoku

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Scroll: Marang Ninjitsu ( previously in shop )
    Exo 1: Hit and Run
    Exo 2: Striker

    Hair: Hopeful Avenger
    Eyes: Omni Eyes
    Nose: Flat Nose
    Mouth: Vampire Fang ( previously in shop )
    Top: WC Honduras Top (M) *2010 Version* ( previously in shop )
    Bottom: 2010 World Cup Bottoms Blue ( blue bottoms that corresponded to the WC Honduras group/top , previously in shop )
    Shoes: N/A
    Gloves: N/A

    Face Accessory: Live Fish
    Ear Accessory: Blue Halo
    Neck Accessory: Dog Tag
    Back Accessory: N/A
    Waist Accessory: Blue Mong ( 30 days )​
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  9. killeron

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    Mar 4, 2016
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    "It doesn’t matter that you tell me it’s important... The Vongola, being the next boss, I can’t fight for this kind of thing. But my friends... I don’t want to lose them !" Tsunayoshi

    RumbleFighter_07132020-001507.jpg RumbleFighter_07132020-001642.jpg
    Hair: new flash hair (orange)
    eye: fire eyes
    nose: flat nose
    mouth: refreshing smile
    Top: leopard shirt (white)
    bottom: tuxedo pants
    gloves orange knit glove
    shoes: orange high tops
    Face: Fireblow yellow
    back: Rifle
    -----Skill item-----
    Exocore 1: flamebuster
    Exocore 2: blazing enforcer
    scrool: wicked flare​
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  10. Tsugumi

    Tsugumi New Member

    Sep 30, 2016
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    IGN: Musical

    Scrol: Electro

    Exos: Flamebuster
    Ice Age

    Set Items: New Flash Hair (Black)
    Black Rider Top
    Black Ruffled Mini
    Ultraviolet Socks
    Rocker Guitar
    Devil Wing (Head)

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  11. Noboruascend

    Noboruascend New Member

    Mar 5, 2016
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    IGN: DaCasper

    Scroll: Marang Ninjitstu
    Exos: Birthday Party and Jellyman Pink

    Hair: Black Modern
    Top: Fall 6 Tee 9
    Bottom: Taekkyeon Shorts(Red)
    Gloves: Cardinal Gloves
    Shoes: Cosmic Socks
    Face Accessories: Serious Sketch

    Vote for me or else
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  12. MusixD

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    Dec 11, 2020
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    Hair: Lady Style Silver -Eyes: Illuminati Eyes -Nose: Sickly Nose -Mouth: Pucker -Top: JJ Top -Bottom: Tomboy Shorts (WH) -Shoes: VTD PJ Shoes -Face: Lollipop Headband -Back: Penguin Backpack (Pink)

    Scroll: Cold Blood
    Exos: Ice Age, HG-A1

    IGN- Torchic

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  13. danteyno

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    Apr 19, 2016
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    The Restless Magician

    IGN: Sharp
    Scroll: Mystic Arts
    Exo 1: Forgotten Sakura Fan
    Exo 2: Staff of Baum
    Hair: New Flash Hair (Black)
    Eyes: Crystal Blue Eyes
    Top: Arcane Robe
    Bottom: Vegas
    Shoes: Night Wolves
    Gloves: Wedding Gloves
    Accessory 1: Live Fish
    Accessory 2: Frostfang Tail
    Accessory 3: Vampire Pendant
    Accessary 4 (not pictured): Black Friday Cape
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  14. chillyboy

    chillyboy New Member

    Dec 10, 2017
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    Screenshot 2020-12-11 214922.png

    Hair:Auburn Warrior
    Gloves:Lead Gloves
    Shirt:wolf shirt
    Pants:White tiger boss mode pants
    Shoes:metatron blue shoes
    face:Serious Sketch Face
    neck:Life Jacket
    Birthday party
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  15. BeamOfLight

    BeamOfLight New Member

    Apr 7, 2020
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    IGN: Moolu
    Hair: Mongok Hair
    Top: Jacked Muscles
    Bottoms: Taro Bottoms
    Gloves: Spartiate Gloves
    Shoes: Shinshi Shoes
    Eyes: Omni Eyes
    Face: Silent Mask (WH)
    Back: Barbarian Sword
    Scroll: Tempest
    Exo 1: Berserker
    Exo 2: Ice Age

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  16. Shagaru0z

    Shagaru0z Active Member

    Jun 15, 2017
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    "Winter Kingpin"
    IGN: TheNight

    (Item list)

    Skill Items:
    Scroll: Volt
    Exocores: Ginger Man, and Sabre's Claw

    Face: New Flash Hair(White), and Omni Eyes

    Top: Frostfang Top

    Bottom: Snow Samurai Bottom

    Gloves: Wedding Gloves

    Shoes: Top Dog White Shoes

    (Accessories, Face): Shuriken SV Earrings, and Phantom Mask

    "Set created by TheNight"
  17. CokaineCrazii

    CokaineCrazii Member

    Dec 11, 2016
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    upload_2020-8-22_21-30-39.png Burn the cliff down
    • Cyclone (Scroll)
    • Blazing Phoenix (ExoCore)
    • Staff of Baum (ExoCore)
    • Classic Flash
    • Red Blaze Top
    • Red Blaze Pants
    • Ninja Gloves
    • Kabuki Ninja Shoes
    • Dojang Signboard
    • Vampire Pendant (Perm)
    • Ninja Fox Mask 2 (Perm)
    • Golden Fox Tail
    • SPD-Down Bomb
    • Firestarter
    • EMP Bomb
    IGN: Wokstar
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  18. PrinceOfPain

    PrinceOfPain New Member

    Mar 29, 2020
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    2020-10-16 (2).png
    Set Name - Old But Gold

    IGN: PrinceOfPain

    Hair - Earth Demon
    Top - Yellow Slam Dunk Jersey
    Bottoms - FireProof Bottoms
    Shoes - Orange High Tops
    Eyes - Odd Eyes
    Scroll - Choy Li Fut
    Skill Slot 1 - BasketBall
    Skill Slot 2 - Block Master
    Face Accessories - Snow Boarding Goggles (BK)
    Neck- Ninja Muffler Orange
    Back Item - Demon Teen Idol Wings (Orcher)
    Wasit - Golden Fox Tail
  19. Zay2007

    Zay2007 New Member

    Jul 28, 2019
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    Screenshot 2021-03-04 164505.png
    IGN: Nelovis

    Class: Striker M

    Scroll: Asura
    Exo 1: Block Master
    Exo 2: Gauntlet of Karak

    Hair: Quiet Genius(Red)
    Eyes: Odd Eyes
    Nose: Bandaged Nose
    Mouth: Refreshing Smile

    Shirt: Kilt Top (Red)
    Pants: Taro Bottoms
    Gloves: RF Red Bout Gloves
    Shoes: Elegant Red Sandals

    Face Accessory: Headphones (Downward)
    Neck Accessory: Ninja Muffler White
    Back Acessory: Medusa Eyes

    Inventory: Panic Attack +1 (7 day)
  20. iufviwhvh

    iufviwhvh New Member

    Apr 1, 2021
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    Set Name: “Clean In Green”
    IGN: Illness

    Hair: Dioneea Hair 335RC
    Shirt: Doubler T (green) 3500 carat
    Pants: Green Heart Pants 230Rc
    Gloves: Fist Wraps 310Rc
    Shoes: Lime Green High Tops 190Rc
    Eyes: Crystal Blue Eyes 320 Rc
    Nose: Flat Nose 1500Carat
    Mouth: Pout 1500Carat
    Scroll: Raging Fist 1050Rc
    Exo 1: Block Master 1050Rc
    Exo 2: Blue Skyhorn 43000Carat
    Back Accessory: Health Pack (Blue) 90Day 540Rc
    Face Accessory 1: Black Sunglasses 45Day 2400Carat
    Face Accessory 2: Lolipop 30Day 375Rc
    Item 1: Snowball 300uses 200Rc
    Item 2: Firestarter 60uses 155Rc

    Come on Gm's Ik you want to use this set ;)
    @GMShadow @Starberry berry

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