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    Some short info about kottok:
    Back then in OGP, some friends created a guild called "BlueG".
    The guild wasn't a great success, and after the transfer to GamesCampus, it died.
    The guild came alive when some old friends from BlueG, decided to rebuild it under the name "Kottok".
    The guild was created by Saizo in 2014, and all the friends from BlueG joined it, with some new members.
    After Saizo quitted, the guild turned inactive, and all it's professional members left it.
    In August 2016, Sweep tried to revive the guild, and it had a little success, until the school has been started, and the guild died in the second time.
    But now, We're back, and we're stronger than ever,
    GW, Moon, BM
    EU and NA
    Active community
    We came alive in the third time, and this time we gonna climb up to the 1st place in the leaderboard.
    Are you active, loyal, and wanna join it?
    Add Saif/Large/Sweep/Krizz for a Tryout.
    See you in the arena ;)
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