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    My Lords,

    Here is the list of issues in the game currently in the debugging process. We will do our best to resolve any known issues as soon as possible.

    We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while playing Kingdom Hunter.

    Best Regards,
    The Kingdom Hunter Team

    [Known Issues after November 15, 2022 Patch]
    • In Bluestacks 5.0 or later, the game client crashes with no error message.
    • Facebook accounts cannot be linked on iOS.
    • When proceeding with requests in the Assembly Hall, an error message showing “Incorrect information” intermittently pops up, and players cannot proceed with their requests.
    • In this case, click the Request button again in the Assembly Hall to proceed with the request properly.
    • Units are trapped randomly in occupied bases of the World Map. If the problem persists even after re-login the game, please contact customer service.
    • The Alliance UI scroll does not work when there are many requests to join the Alliance.
    • The Call of Lord event timer does not record time properly at the moment.
    • Some users are unable to clear contaminated fog or retrieve rewards.
    • The high-level bases are not generating correctly on the World Map.
    • Occasionally, base search results do not match actual map locations. We have confirmed this issue and are looking into the cause.
    • Dungeon Rally Corps are sometimes sent to an invalid location and get stuck. Please send in a Support ticket if your Corp is stuck, so we can manually release it.
    • There is an issue where unoccupied bases are sometimes shown as occupied.
    • We have confirmed there is an error that sometimes occurs when exchanging Prisoners.
    • There is an issue with the payback event reward not distributing correctly. Any Lords who have yet to receive the reward will be taken care of promptly.
    • An issue has been confirmed that the tutorial quests appear again sometimes when reloging into the game. If this occurs, please restart your game, and normal operation should resume.
    • If you are unable to complete purchasing transactions, update the game through the Play Store or App Store. There is a new version available and in order to complete the transactions properly, you will need to update the client.
    • In certain situations, Time Acceleration items appear to be available for use, even though no such item exists. For the time being, please double check which items are actually being used.
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