"Kingdom Hunter Heroes" Pre-registration is Available Now!

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    We are excited to announce the opening of the global Pre-registration for "Kingdom Hunter Heroes," a new game that cleverly combines genres of strategy simulation games (SLG) and card trading games (TCG).

    Pre-register now on Google Play Store and receive great Pre-registration rewards!

    [Pre-registration Reward Information]


    [Game Introduction]

    ‘Kingdom Hunter Heroes’ is the successor to the 2022 P2E Strategy TCG "Kingdom Hunter".

    ‘Kingdom Hunter Heroes’ will launch with the 'Play-to-Earn' game elements removed, with a heavier focus on the merits of its gameplay and strategy as originally intended.

    ‘Kingdom Hunter Heroes’ was officially released in Korea on March 29, 2023, and we are now expanding globally so that users from all over the world can play together. We appreciate your interest and support.

    Please check our official website for more detailed information.
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