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    Hello Fighters,

    It has come to our attention that players are found utilizing a hack which allows them to obtain certain items that are normally not accessible to players. This includes the ability to obtain large amounts of enchant cards or boxes to gain unfair advantage in the game. As hacking in any form is a violation of our Terms of Services, players found with any suspicious activity will be banned with the opportunity to appeal.

    Here is a breakdown of how banning for hacking activity will be processed:
    • 1st Offense: 30 Days Account Ban & Items Removed
    • 2nd Offense: Permanent Account Ban
      • Any alternate accounts used for hacking, gifting will be permanently banned without any warnings.
      • Depending on the severity of the violation, we (RedFox Games) reserves the right to raise the account ban duration to permanent if the violation is deemed too severe to allow further access.
    Furthermore, any accounts that are found enchanting with illegitimate enchant cards will be permanently banned this point on forward without any appeal.

    If you are unsure of the validity of a player's in-game item, you may submit a report through the RedFox Support Portal for our team to investigate. All reports made will be anonymous.

    Finally, the only legitimate RedFox Games' Staff & Moderators are listed below:
    • [GM]Kyubi
    • [CM]Fang
    • [CA]Sou
    • [CA]Happy
    • [CA]Ztar
    • [CA]MrBurns
    • [CA]Embers
    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know! Thank you for your continued support of RedFox Games and for playing Rumble Fighter: Unleashed.
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