I have some ideas for a XO

Discussion in 'Exocore' started by ladyboom, Dec 25, 2022.

  1. ladyboom

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    How about a boomerang type XO sure y'all will have fun with that idea
    How about a XO that allow you to Nanmu
    How about a XO that Dash into a stunned blow that guard break
    How about a XO exhaust and cancel blows
    How about a upgrade to the primary XO you start with
    How about a nunchuck XO
    How about a pet XO that assist you with your combo moves
    How about a XO that can copy other exos
    How about a XO thats dual elbow blades
    How about a XO that double your stats and send the enemy in the air by hitting the ground
    How about a exo course that allow you or team to turn invisible ( inspired by Black Widow)
    How about a XO that deliver 99 hits( some sort of prison or a dash that go past them then hit with delay blows) and a single hit that dropped them like blackout counter do (it would be dope if you can use it as a grab too)
    How ahout a xo that allow you to use Metal Gear solids snake Close Quarters Combat (CQC) i prefer it to have knife and gun
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    Um, nice english.
  3. Shiroyukihime

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    Yo, I wanted to contact you quickly. It's about a man named Will. He's the owner of a RF account and I wanted to know if you are in touch with him man. His IGN was: Amane, Ayato, UltraInstinct. Please, I want to talk to him. I heard you know him somewhat well.

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