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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by propan, Sep 3, 2017.

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    Hey guys!

    I was wondering if someone can shed some light and knowledge on the best way to distribute points for a CK Healer with the new stat system.
    I'd really appreciate seeing how many points I should add for each stat at every level/cheng (including chi breathing). Also, which stat (and at what level) should they remain at with no further leveling?
    So far I've seen some people saying that DEX, WIS, & CON are the way to go, and some say otherwise.

    Thanks !!
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    May 27, 2016
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    In my honest opinion you should level your healer to HG5 with melee.
    You can choose which weapon you use, class bound (gloves, axe or dagger) or even use main clan weapon with normal active that everyone gets from the clan's basic Kung Fu teacher.
    Don't forget to put your mastery build towards bracers and chi kung already!
    Once you're HG5, you redistribute your attributes with Chackra Purge and put them like this:

    Strength - 8
    Essence - 50
    Wisdom - Requirement for weapon (I would do for HG12 bracer, but remember Groove Cutters reduce this again)
    Constitution - REST
    Dexterity - 350

    1) Gear for leveling: Golden Coins set with Yin resistance (to grind in Kunlun at later levels) + GL WS weapon (+10 would suffice) with 4 x 300 Yang damage.
    2) Gear after HG5: PVP -> Kylin set (HG5) with 15 Con ornaments / PVE -> 2 x Kylin set (HG5) with one set Yin resistance, one set Yang Resistance + Dusk Bracers (HG12 Bracers if you can afford them) with +11 refine or higher (4 x 13% Crit chance for PVP / 4 x Yang damage for PVE (extra one with Yin damage for Kylin West Temple)).

    Relics and Deco are totally up to you. By the time you're HG5, you'll find your way out with what relics are best for your playstyle.

    Hope this helped!
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