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Discussion in 'Events' started by [GM]Kyubi, Oct 20, 2022.

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    Jack's Shack is sure full of attacks...
    Gotta keep your guard in the Graveyard...
    For a limited time only, players that grind it out in the Graveyard & Jack's Shack Boss Modes will receive a boost to help you get to your goals so that you can focus more about Trick or Treating time!

    Event Details:
    • Successfully complete the playtime or enemies killed requirement to receive the reward.
    • Playtime & Enemy Kills will only be recorded when playing Graveyard or Jack's Shack Boss Mode.
    • Boss Modes must be completed as a party, as you cannot enter solo.
    • You can repeat the requirements up to the maximum amount mentioned, except for those that mention "successfully complete above tasks".
    • If an enemy falls off the map, you will not receive credit for a kill.
    • You can use the scoreboard screen to tally up and count your kills.
    • Playtime will only count down when you are in-game and the timer is ticking.
    Event Requirements:
    • Acquire 1 hour of playtime in Graveyard/Jack's Shack (repeatable up to 5 times)
      • Reward: Chest Key (Normal) Bundle - x5
    • Defeat 50 Enemies in Graveyard/Jack's Shack (repeatable up to 20 times)
      • Reward: Chest Key (Normal) Bundle - x1
    • Successfully complete above tasks, repeating the task at least 3 times
      • Reward:
        • 1,000 Medals Coupon
        • Jujitsu SE (7 Days)
        • Sands of Time - Jujitsu SE (x1)
        • Orichalcon Coupon (x2)
    Event Duration:
    • October 22, 2022 00:00 (PDT) - October 24, 2022 23:59 (PDT)
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    The rewards of the Halloween Boss Mode Boost have been delivered.

    Please check your inventories for your prizes. Please keep in mind that Chest Key Bundles will be provided through the Set Item section of your inventory.
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