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    I will repost something from a few days ago which can also be found on steam

    I know the game might not look so exciting when you first log in at level 0, but remember this is a 10 year old game. I will make a list of some videos, so you can see what the game looks like later on, thus be more motivated to progress. Also, playing this togheter with someone you're already friends with will help you not get bored, it becomes about the experience you have togheter and less about the game, imo at least. I know you can search on youtube, but what's nicer than having stuff handed to you on a silver platter?
    There are a few small differences from previous versions in these vids, but nothing major, that being said, enjoy

    I don't have time to play anymore, but I hope you have fun,
    Nameless Wanderer
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    Thx Chaos for some quality videos!

    BarkAlan stop crying for atention and for views on your **** videos pls. Ppl actually knows how to use youtube to watch how games are in later stages... Not everyone has 40 IQ like u lel
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