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    The winner is not always determined at the start of the battle. Come and fight to earn great prizes!


    Due to server instability, Fisticuffs will be cancelled until further notice.

    Set Created by: x

    Information about the new Bounty Hunter mode will be finalized by TBD.

    To get players familiar with the new Bounty Hunter mode, bonus rewards will be given to those that play the new mode, under the game supportive items category between TBD, marked in this color.

    Please choose from one of the following prizes:
    • Set Items
      • A (Scroll)
      • B (ExoCore)
      • C (ExoCore)
      • D
    • Game Supportive Items
      • 50,000 Carats Coupon (+5,000 Carats Coupon)
      • 1,000 Medals Coupon (+100 Medals Coupon)
      • 3 Orichalcon Coupons (+1 Orichalcon Coupon)
      • 3 Proof of Passions (+2 Proof of Passions)
      • 2 Ascended Scroll Boxes (+1 Ascended Scroll Box)
      • 2 Good Luck Mix Chests (+1 Good Luck Mix Chest)
    • Special Prizes (changes monthly):
      • Golden Ninja Chest (x1)
      • Extraction Scroll (x1)
      • Gemstone Discard Kit (x1)
    Participation Prize: 1 Orichalcon Coupon

    Special Raffle For this Week: Raffle?
    Every participant in Fisticuffs will be entered in the raffle to win one of two prizes.
    This means, if you play with a [GM] during Fisticuffs, you're automatically entered to win this prize!

    When does this happen?
    Week 1, 3 & 5 from Friday 5:00PM to 6:00PM (PDT)
    Week 2 & 4 from Sunday 5:00 PM to 6:00PM (PDT)
    How do I participate?

    • If you are creating a room: make sure your room has the word "Fisticuffs" in the title.
    • If you are joining a room, make sure to join a room that the word "Fisticuffs" somewhere in the title.
      • If a room notes any correlation towards the Fisticuffs event, such as short forms of Fisticuffs (Fisti), it will still be an eligible room title. If you are unsure about the eligibility of a room's title, please make your concern through one of our Fisticuffs' moderators.
    • GM/moderators will only join Regular Battle Mode.
    • Make sure to "first load" so that games are faster. The faster the game, the more players can participate.
    • Players that get disconnected once the match begins will still qualify for a participation prize, should they not have a chance to play in the event.
    • Set Creators may now participate in Fisticuffs. However, the only applicable rewards that they'll be able to choose are as follows:
      • 3 Orichalcon Coupon
      • 50,000 Carats Coupon
      • Any "Special Prizes"
    • Set Creators will receive the following items should their set be chosen:
      • All items included in the set (as seen on the Fisticuffs event thread)
      • 50,000 Carats Coupon
      • 3 Orichalcon Coupon
    • You may only win once per event.
    • If a moderator places first in a round winner situation, it is up to the moderator's discretion if a prize will be awarded for that round. Such examples of resolution may include:
      • Rewarding the player in 2nd Place, which then would immediately treat that player as if they have won Fisticuffs as 1st Place.
      • Playing another game with the same members to determine a winner(s) until a third winner has been determined. In this case, the winners will be asked to exit the room before the game is started.
    • Should there be any rare occurrences where more than half of the room disconnects, the GM/Moderator will move onto a different room, without any rewards being granted aside from those acquired before the issue occurred.
    • Should a GM/Moderator disconnect from the game in the middle of the match, the original Room Master at the time of starting when the moderator joined will have two options for resolution when the moderator returns to the room:
      • Option 1 - Play the room as normally, and the Room Master will report to the moderator on the winners of the game. If there is no disagreement, the winners reported will be asked for their prize options and the moderator will move on to the next room.
      • Option 2 - A re-do of the match will be initiated, utilizing the same rulings & game mode as previously set. If there is visible disagreement from Option 1, this will be the form of resolution.
    • Players that have already won in the game, must not interfere for the remainder of the match. This means that you must fall off the map, or remain in a corner away from other players. Failure to do so will forfeit your prize and disqualify you from that week's Fisticuffs.
      • A GM or Moderator will inform players to not disrupt the rest of the match in-game.
    • Room Master must choose between three modes before the match:
      • Defeat the GM - All seven players aim to receive the "Kill Credit" against the GM/Moderator. Fighters that win should not disrupt other players from their opportunity to defeat the GM/Moderator. This mode will allow allow up to three winners. If the GM/Moderator were to unable to be defeated (due to falling off the map, for instance), Round Winner rulings will be applied for that round.
      • Round Winner** - Resurrection and revives are not allowed, RMs can determine if rare ExoCores are allowed or not, Total Round Winner will be applied (explained below) for a minimum of three winners and the opportunity to potentially have a fourth winner if the player meets the following criteria:
        • Not have already won in any of the rounds
        • Achieves 1st Place in the Final Scoreboard
      • Bounty Hunter - The room master selects 3 players in the room to place a bounty on, but cannot place it on themselves. The objective of the 3 players that are chosen will be to survive. If the chosen players survive for all 3 rounds, they will be declared the winners. However, if a chosen player(s) is defeated, the player that defeated them will be awarded the winner. Do you have what it takes to fight for survival?
        • HP must not be above 4000
        • SPD must not be above 40
        • Only selectable maps: Dungeon, China Town, Rumble Dojo, Ring of Death
    • The "Utilize Ban List" rule means players cannot use the following skill items:
      • All skill items listed in the "Scroll/ExoCore Banlist" below.
      • This rule will be an ALL-OR-NOTHING situation in that you can either allow all rare exocores or prohibit the use of all rare exocores.
      • If you have any other ExoCores that you would like to prohibit from use, please let a GM know or submit a support ticket.
    • Rare Scrolls will be allowed as they are not as game-changing compared to Rare ExoCores.
    • In special instances where the GM is not defeated, the GM will reward someone else in the room.
    • If players would like to switch out their Fisticuffs prize, they will need to do so before the prizes are distributed (which will normally be the following Monday). Any requests after the distribution will be denied.
    • You may not give your reward to someone else and prizes cannot be transferred to a different player.
    • Extreme vulgar language or harassment to a player or moderator will be met with disqualification and, possibly, an account ban.
    • Players reported for constantly taking the spot reserved for the GM will have their prize (winning and/or participation) taken away, and will potentially receive a temporary ban.
    • Any IGN changes before event prizes are distributed MUST be mentioned via a Support Ticket. If you do not receive your prize for having changed your IGN, the prizes will be revoked and not corrected. In short, please let our staff know about the IGN change to make the necessary changes before sending out prizes.
    • Abuse of resurrection in Round Winner will be disqualified.
    • Failing to comply with the GM/Moderator will be warned and disqualified after multiple warnings.
    • You can only request prizes that are listed for that day.
    • You may not change your prize after Fisticuffs has ended.
    • No hacking is allowed.
    **Total Round Winner applied to Round Winner mode only. If the First Place winner overall at the end of the game has not won one of the three rounds, he/she will also win a prize. This makes it so that their efforts during the match do not go unnoticed.

    • Using multiple accounts to win or play Fisticuffs.
    • Using multiple accounts to increase your chances in Fisticuffs in any specific room.
    • Winning more than once per Fisticuffs (1 win per account).
    • If you are caught with fraud, your prizes will be stripped from all of your accounts. Subsequent attempts will result in an increasing account ban for each attempt.
    If you are caught with fraud, failing to comply with moderator's requests or are disrupting the event, the ban criteria will be as follows:
    • Fraud: Using alternate accounts, multiple accounts in room to AFK
      • 1st Offense: Prize/Raffle Draw Removal
      • 2nd Offense: Prize/Raffle Draw Removal & 7 Day Ban for each additional account used during the event
      • 3rd Offense: Prize/Raffle Draw Removal & 14 Day Ban for each additional account used during the event
      • Subsequent Offenses: Prize/Raffle Draw Removal & Ban Duration Increased
        • Players that are not active in-game will no longer qualify for Raffle Draws.
    • Compliance: Failing to listen to moderator & disrespectful behavior/language
      • 1st Offense: Prize/Raffle Draw Removal & 3 Day Ban
      • Subsequent Offenses: Prize/Raffle Draw Removal & Ban Duration Increased
    • Abuse: Disrupting the event in any shape, way or form (Example: Spam Joining Rooms)
      • 1st Offense: Prize/Raffle Draw Removal & 30 Day Ban
      • Subsequent Offenses: Prize/Raffle Draw Removal & 90 Day Ban
        • Throwaway or alternate accounts used to perform such actions will be permanently banned.
    Note: RedFox Games reserves the right to raise any abuse related punishments to the maximum level (permanent ban) depending on the type of disruption found.

    Prize Distribution:

    Within 5 - 7 business days after the event.

    As this thread will remain closed, please direct all comments and questions over to our Fisticuffs Discussion Thread.

    Scroll & ExoCore Ban List
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