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Discussion in 'Player to Player Support' started by AyeMyaThu, Aug 7, 2021.

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    Hi All,

    I am farming for the followings in KL
    • Seal of Blue Dragon
    • Seal of White Tiger
    • Seal of Phoenix
    • Seal of Black Tortoise
    I am farming on Furious Dragon/Tiger/Phoenix/Tortoise.
    I have the following for drop rate
    • Deco (20%)
    • Seo set lvl 4 (45%)
    • Seo (Trinket) (35%)
    • Drop Card (100%)
    • Event Drop Rate (100%)
    • Pet Buff (Fortune) (40%)
    • Hero Band Buff (60%)
    I have total of (400%) drop rate.

    Still no Seal drop from the mobs.
    What I am missing?
    Please Guide me.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Jun 13, 2021
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    this issue has been debated for years
    lower your drop,higher change seal drop
    only work in kunlun
    there are a golden % drop,but no 1 will share it.
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    You want less drop rate for furious seal farm. It is counterintuitive, but that is how it works for special mob drops such as Furious seals/blessings, Bloodsorc/Furious books, Bloodsorc symbols/plates from KL map. Ideally, you want to farm the mobs on weekdays without event drop rate bonuses. I suggest you switch from drop gear to damage gear when farming these mobs. Faster kills = faster/more chance of getting these drops. I usually advise against farming these drops on weekends, although some have said they will drop if you have no band drop attribute during x2, but I have never personally witness this occurring myself. Good luck
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    Apr 5, 2020
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    To encourage people to play and farm during the week, they dumped a bunch of filler items into the drop table in KL and capped the amount of items mobs can drop.
    Certain rare items also have fixed drop rate that doesn't increase with drop rate. So you're better off farming during the week as birdbrain said. So that 90-100% of the dropped items aren't those filler items and you have more room for the filler items to not drop and for seals to drop, otherwise not only do you have to get lucky enough for the seal TO drop, you also have to get lucky enough for a white or filler item NOT to drop so that it CAN drop.
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