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    ok well since I can't find images to actually make this. Just wanted to post this here to see if I can get someone to help and come up with images for this. Anyways here we go
    Skill-A (Non Charged)
    Character summons a rod of lightning and throws it.
    Skill-A (Charged) Character charges up and then begins rapidly throwing 6 rods of lightning which stuns the enemy (20 damage ea hit) and then at the end your character dashes forward making the enemy. Float up in a ball of lightning that closes in on them and explodes. (And when he rapidly throws the lightning, I was thinking of like Vulcan movements)
    Skill-B Character summons 3 balls of lightning that surround them. (This activates the users electricity combos) Note: this replaces your punch and kick combo
    P: Throws lightning bolt
    PP: throws two lightning bolts but second one stuns
    PPP: throws two lightning bolts and then puts his fist up which glows blue and strikes lightning down on his opponent.
    Kick combos are being thought through
    My IGN: Uber
    Just HMU and let me know some ideas and what not. If someone can help me with images then I gotchu af

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